Friday, July 31, 2015


Let's not kid ourselves. A vote for Donald Trump is a vote for Israelitish blood line birthism. ~ ~ Which means that that old communist Jew born in Brooklyn, now based in New Berlin, Vermont, doesn't stand a chance against the really white looking Trumpster; until and unless he goes full out Orthodox birther. ~ ~ There is not, nor ever has been, any long lasting career success substitute for the truth in this life, like at: ~ ~ See Michael Medved's all time favorite movie about the two lost tribes of Israel trees born in America if you do not believe me at at: ~ ~ Think RADIO DAYS meets BROADWAY DANNY ROSE meets THE PURPLE ROSE OF CAIRO. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ PS KEN: Jesus says that it's now high time to cash out of your business and your house investment in San Francisco's Roosevelt area for top dollar. And then get into the indie film internet movie business back up in Seattle. Where you belong for now anyway. ~ ~ I mean think about it. Bernie Sanders wants us to go back to the 1950s era of 90% taxation anyway. When one could buy a million dollar yatch on Lake Union and then right it off on some phoney depreciation business investment scheme for seven years; thereby paying no federal taxes. No wonder that the white anticommunist middle class had it so good back then. ~ ~ In terms of decent paying wage jobs and affordable housing. ~ ~ And not wanting to be around all of those irritating Jews while they were trying to relax on the greens at their country clubs. ~ ~ I never did think that much of Ronald Reagan's crazy ideas about illiminating most depreciation schedule tax reductions. ~ ~ Why pay a reduced rate of federal income taxes when you didn't have to be paying any post-depreciation rate federal taxes to speak of in the first place? ~ ~ Which is about the same simple minded christian nonsense as saying that you believe in Jesus, but not the BM. ~ ~ Oh yeah, no crazy women allowed in the voting booth either. Unless that is they hold title to property.

Thursday, July 30, 2015


The day I found a used copy of THE LONE RANGER for $2.99 at THE CHECKOUT. A van full of apostate African American Christians from Gary crashed due west of the Indian medicine wheel landmark on my map in Indiana. ~ ~ Need I mention that this happened at the end of Barack Obama's tour of Africa? ~ ~ And that huge old pine tree beside the children's sports stadium and museum fell down on top of all of those Asian kids during the SPECIAL OLYMPICS? ~ ~ Spank you very much, Mitt Romney. ~ ~ I AM got only to the end of the second act last night. But I can already tell that the much maligned movie is about today's pussy whipped passivist Mormons in Utah who finally get over their polite society naïveté and start taking care of business. ~ ~ Think Kenny Kemp meets Bruce Troxell meets Clyde Lewis, and you start to get the big picture. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ BIG PICTURE NOTES: Here is that other negro Darke County confirmation about an apostate christian church van trainwreck at: ~ ~ DRIVER'S SEAT NOTES: The driver of the church van in Indiana had a two toned face [mask-era] makeup job like my side kick Tonto has in the above remake [BATMAN BEGINS] prequel. ~ ~ NAZI MEDICINE NOTES: The reason why 6,666,666 Jews were gassed by the 666 Nazis is because most of them were supporting the 666 forerunner to today's new and improved Planned Parenthood 666 beast. That then became the inspiration behind the new and improved 666 beast behind today's Jewish based Democrat Party fascism. ~ ~ Therefore, any time that Clyde Lewis et al start feeling the heat, they always go back to thier original UFO Christianity roots. Which only makes things worse.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015


Smiley posted pix of her encoded rainbow love plot at the same time that my post started rolling out about the coded message left by the kidnapped 666 scientist in DEATH TOO SOON, at: ~ ~ In confirmation of the 1979 movie's antidote to aging that looks like a rainbow of big Ben Afflect size boners at about 9:36 and 20:30 into my $3 copy I found at WAL*MART. ~ ~ All of this means nothing of course if you do not believe that the "SM ILE" sign in the skies above Portland is a BRITTANIA message about Sienna Miller from the Isle of Britain, etc. etc. ~ ~ Per Clyde Lewis' numerous shows about big money corporation [VIRGIN,London] airliner jets spraying chem-trails across America. ~ ~ Therefore the '269...' license plate on Captain America's 70s era shag van stands for Smiley looking ten years older at: ~ ~ And the British Emma Watson look style icon figure in the crowd has the same tunnel cloud hairdo and the same era tv movie television set at: ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ AFRICAN AMERICAN NOTES: The prophetic news about that REV.13 lion of Judah being legally hunted down by a white man from the Twin Cities in America came out right after the abomination of desolation in DANIEL 12 ended his white safari tour of Africa. Wherein he decided at the last minute not to visit the little people in the little African hospital village where he was born. Because that would have been too embarrassing for all of his black Jew neo con supporters and stonewallers back home in America. ~ ~

Tuesday, July 28, 2015


The SPECIAL OLYMPICS for retarded kids in LA, who were born with physiologically based emotional behavior problems, ends on the 1996 anniversary of the abomination of desolation set up for a reason. Because their spiritually retarded baby boomer [Obamacare] parents were bad seeds who were eating too much of the junk food and fare of Babylon while they were fucking and making babies. ~ ~ Which is pretty much what the patriotic 1976 made ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW was all about. Wherein my transsexual [Bruce Jenner Republican] antihero wears a black leather cool rider jacket that is covered in BOY SCOUTS OF AMERICA type merit badges. ~ ~ I mean think about it. ~ ~ Would you want someone like Barack Obama to be the scout master at your church? ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ BROWN SKIN NOTES: Bobby Brown finally died on Sandra Bullock's birthday because Barack Obama was not visiting the little town in Africa where he was born at the same time. ~ ~ PS CLYDE LEWIS: We all know that you are dying in the late night caller rerun talk-radio ratings. So why not go out in flames with a big bang analysis of Obama's UFO birth certificate? ~ ~ What do you have to lose anyway? ~ ~ You end up having to make a few really cool low-budet R-17 Internet wi-fi si-fi TWILIGHT ZONE porn videos for 250k a pop just in order to pay the bills? ~ ~ BFD, you don't have that many years left anyway. ~ ~

Monday, July 27, 2015


This one might require a little more effort on your part. But if you can find a copy of CAPTAIN AMERICA, II: DEATH TOO SOON, you will see my antihero rescue Clyde Lewis et all in Portland, Oregon who are getting too old sooner rather than later. ~ ~ Wherein my anti-hero prison warden plays yours truly. The one who is just trying to stir up conflict among the masses in order to inact martian law from outer space. Hence the hero's hovering UFO bulletproof shield, etc. at: ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ PS STEVEN FRESH: One can usually find these kind of used discounted DVDs at those suburban strip-mall stores that have thousands of old DVDs. For whatever it's worth, that is my sexy and difficult French Jewish exwife with small tits who is riding her show horse in Epinal, France at the end of the above 1979 made-for-tv CBS movie. The same year that my fucking exwife cunt was fucking around with Steven Hughes in my upstairs room for rent in LAST TANGO IN PARIS meets RISKY BUSINESS. ~ ~ Last I heard, she is still living in the Portland, Oregon area. And is now in dire need of a good dose of CAPTAIN AMERICA's antidote-juice cure, like at: ~ ~ Note the enclosed clip's rejuvenating facial cream treatment theme. ~ ~ PS CLYDE: My vampiric blood-cleansing blood-sucker antihero leech in DRACULA: 2000, [who kidnaps innocent virgin children and drinks their blood], arrives in a [Herbert] ARMSTRONG taxi no.1972 at the masonic temple scenario. Where everyone is taking their orders from the leadership of the [white man] lost tribes of Israel, now based in London. ~ ~ And why not? ~ ~ Barack Obama just paid a visit to the African country where everybody and his dog knows he was born. Yet not one word about it in the international communist conspiracy Jew media. ~ ~ NBC NOTES: Last night they told me that I get to host this upcoming Saturday's special new SNL anniversary show rerun prequel sequel remake. ~ ~ Whatever that means.

Sunday, July 26, 2015


Yet 5 more foolish [VIRGIN RECORDS, London] people died in a fiery carwreck-train reaction outside of Lafayette, Indiana; east of Romney. So here is the new post FDR deal at ~ ~ Every foolish member of the new and improved RLDS church is going to be given one year to repent and become baptised again. And all of their current Republican Party high society leaders are going to be fired from their present leadership jobs and never be allowed to preside over the Mormon church again for the rest of their lives. ~ ~ Whatever, most portraits of Lafayette do have him looking like one of today's transsexual Paris Hilton look alike civil rights heros, like at:,_Marquis_de_Lafayette ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ 9.5 UPDATE NOTES: That is Lafayette himself who suddenly gets up and leaves when I am hanging out with Natalie Portman at some cafe in my own private 9 1/2 WEEKS sequel to my own private LAST TANGO IN PARIS movie about my Steven Hughes look alike replacement lover. ~ ~ This being the 1970s inspiration behind the idea that I would be okay with Steven Fresh fucking my French exwife in RISKY BUSINESS if he would be okay with me fucking his Italian exwife and his sister-in-law too; not necessarily at the same time. ~ ~ Hey, I am not in the business of embarrassing or shaming any of my former friends or lovers. ~ ~ Contrary to popular liberal media opinion. I AM not one of those apostate conservative Christian mormons who thinks that his own shit doesn't stink. ~ ~ INTERNATIONAL JEWISH BANKERS CONSPIRACY NOTES: I'm still not seeing anything in the news about Obama being born in Kenya. Even though he just arrived there yesterday. ~ ~ You fuck with me, I fuck with you. ~ ~

Saturday, July 25, 2015


Barack Obama's I-44 zone marks off the Broken Arrow location inside of the REV.16 state that is shaped like a blood dripping meat cleaver at: ~ ~ I guess if Geraldo Rivera is not willing to report the truth about Obama visiting the African country where he was born, then someone else will have to pick up the slack for him. ~ ~ Hence that ALONE RANGER shooter showed up at a 16-plex in Lafayette, LA; located along the ten virgins wedding prophecy down in garfish Long Island, New York country. ~ ~ Personally, I don't know anyone from that area. With the exception of Jack Simpson; who now lives in Twin Peaks, Washinton, a.k.a. North Bend. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ FLASH NOTES: Never flash me the GSR/TWN index finger gang sign again if you are not willing to spread your legs and let my 13" cock destroy you, like at: ~ ~ Note the booz bottle in a brown paper nut sack in RISKY BUSINESS. Where all of those South African American niggers get off the train after they see me hooking up with Paris Hilton [resort hotel and casino]. ~ ~ PS HOLLYWOOD: You refuse to make my 10% client Justin Beiver into a major motion picture movie star, a LA James Dean, you force me into making Roger Corman type PLAN B b-movie horror films. Most of which will probably be made on the cheap and down low at some run down pictures studio location outside of London, England. In the general same area where both Elizabeth Hurley and Elton John currently own organic pig farm property. Not to mention Prince Charles, the current Crown Prince of England, who dies metaphorically on the electrocution chair throne trilogies in KING RALPH meets SPLITTING HEIRS meets GUILTY AS CHARGED, at: ~ ~ I realize that I AM is looking a bit older in my last film that was made when I was the same age as today. When I unmercifully send that inheritantly unhonest nigger figure to die in the electric iPAD chair in my basement lair below the meat cleaver slaughterer house of white Israel. ~ ~ And then I go over to the TOSCANA restaurant for a glass of blood red shiraz steak wine to go with their famous fresh-caught anchovies anti pasto plate. [Not to be confused with that cheap canned fish shit soaked in salt and olive oil.]