Monday, November 30, 2015


The fad junk science happening in Paris right now is being confirmed by the climate change Pope of Rome telling everyone down in Africa today that black people are the same as white people. ~ ~ Hence the JEW YORK TIMES is still reporting with a straight face that Barack Obama was not born beside his grandmother in a British hospital in Kenya. ~ ~ What goes around comes around. ~ ~ You Jew it to me. I Jew it to you. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ TWN NOTES: The proverbial two-weeks-notice movie plot line cliché in OCEAN'S 12 has very thematic similarities with the two weeks long moral climate change that is now happening in Paris. ~ ~ [Think AN AMERICAN VAMPIRE IN PARIS meets AN AMERICAN VAMPIRE IN LONDON.] ~ ~ Sometimes I get that erie dear-in-the-headlights feeling in the middle-of-the-night that I need to slow it down a bit in order to give my very successful and busy readers, who have real jobs, careers and family obligations, enough time to catch up with me. ~ ~ When this happens, I usually just bide my time by laying back and relaxing and watching the various prophetically inspired mormon vampire polygamist movies that I have at: ~ ~ This way, I stay on the ball and keep up with the latest gossip pix about Lindsay Lohan and Emma Watson et al. ~ ~ For example, last night I watched THE BIG LEBOWSKI while taking copious screenplay idea notes about how I would cast Brad Pitt in THE SON OF LEBOWSKI sequel. ~ ~ For whatever it's worth. I finally came to the conclusion that it would never work if we could not get the same two Coen brothers to make it. ~ ~ Too complicated. Too many ins and outs. Too many busy schedules. ~ ~ Too much money? Nah, that was the last thing on my mind.

Sunday, November 29, 2015


That crazy PLANNED PARENTHOOD shooter in Barack Obama's colored state of Colorado, from Black Mountain, North Carolina, was a PLAN B pregnancy alternative confirmation of the message in KILLING THEM SOFTLY. ~ ~ You know it. ~ ~ I AM is so fucking pro choice, that I believe that fed up parents even have the right to kill their rebellious preadolescent children sometimes. ~ ~ You don't clear the table and wash the dishes. You don't clean up your room and go to bed on time. ~ ~ Boom, you're dead. ~ ~ Metaphorically speaking. ~ ~ GSR/TWA ~ ~ GREEN NOTES: I watched ANNIE HALL again last night, in preparation for the climate change conference in Paris. This being the film about the black spiders who got killed by a right-wing rock star [heavy metal parody] band at about 57 minutes into it. ~ ~ And of course, Adele's new album covers the very same born-again nostalgic "Seems like old times..." themes, yada yada. ~ ~ Just like the much older now Carley Simone does in her newly published 1977 era biography about her foolishly letting herself get fucked [with no pay off] by the likes of Warren Beaty and Jack Nicholson. ~ ~ So just to mop things up; we see the portraits of America's past Presidents when that future succesful President Trump kid stands up and tells it like it is. After the misspelled 'TEUSDAY, DEC. 1" birthday boy 2015 [no.20 equation 6.14 situation] timeline is seen on the opening sequence's classroom chalkboard. ~ ~ Ergo, the White House men's room attendant conspiracy reference to today's homogaysexual from Chicago. [Who knows how to keep his eyes closed and his mouth shut in the first AUSTIN POWERS.] ~ ~ SECRET SAUCE NOTES: One of those crazy kids who beat the shit out of Nick Cage at the end of WILD AT HEART, was that same kid who he had beat up earlier in the David Lynch movie at the heavy metal rock concert.

Saturday, November 28, 2015


The mightiest line in KILLING IT SOFTLY is the very last line in the 5 year-old art house movie. That says, "Now fuck'ing pay me." what you owe me. ~ ~ Obviously, I AM is giving it a 5 star rating on this blog, mostly because I need the money. ~ ~ And the PLAN B feature ain't that bad either. ~ Which goes for you too Mr. ROCKET MAN, now based in Seattle. ~ ~ That said. I realize that you are a very happily married man who has probably never even touched another adult man's OINGO BOINGO. ~ ~ But. However. IT is now far past the time for you boys to grow up and learn something about the moral-climate change similarities that you have with Elton John and Charlie Sheen. ~ ~ Not to mention Mel Gibson and Donald Trump. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ PS MICHAEL D. EVANS: I just found your oversized 9x13 envelope mailing in GG's P.O. box on this very special Sabbath holiday morning. Complete with fake 1961 era typewriter style computerised hand written unline notations. ~ ~ And I agree almost completely with everything that you are asking me to do. ~ ~ Only problem is. There was no personal hand written 10% finders fee check made out to me in it. ~ ~ And you must know by now that I don't work for free no more; starting on Jamuary 20, 2016, at the SUNDANCE FILM FESTIVAL, in Park City, Utah. ~ ~ Faith without works is dead; so say the extremist right-wing Orthodox Jews anyway. ~ ~ So what the fuck is this? ~ ~ Have I not given you enough time and money already to comfortly come up with my 10% in tax free off shore cash money already? Or AM I just being too egotistical and greedy on an indie film crazy director level? ~ ~ Who has too much talent and not enough money for his own good. ~ ~ Wherein everybody gets paid absolutely almost nothing. Just for the Divine privilege of hanging out with me and Taylor Swift for a few days at my alpine chalet love shack for overaged swingers in Sundance. ~ ~ [Not to be confused with the same area's Deer Valley winter lodge; where Mitt Romney likes to hang out from time to time.] ~ ~ CADDYSHACK NOTES: There is a Providential reason why my brother Peter Relf once made a miraculous once-in-a-lifetime hole-in-one at some golf course in Park City, Utah. ~ ~ PS STEVEN FRESH: If you really do still believe that you and your father have the exclusive international commercial rights to that cazy Swiss German [UU] professor's discovery to the cure for lung cancer; I buy you that estate on Lake Como in OCEAN'S 12.~ ~ Whereby me and you and Ken McLeod can set up some kind of a phoney baloney medical research front foundation estate property for older men like us. Who traditionally like to take the grandkids fly fishing on the lake every spring time in their old vintage wooden row boats. ~ ~

Friday, November 27, 2015


As usual I was almost always right. ~ ~ KILLING THEM SOFTLY is a startling prophecy about Charlie Sheen needing to make the right decision at the end in the future 2016 election period. ~ ~ We already know that Charlie the Tuna is a big time Donald Trump supporter. ~ ~ That's a given. ~ ~ Yesterday's news already. ~ ~ Trump will win California, easy as pie. ~ ~ Yada. Yada. ~ ~ But what we still don't know yet is how much is he going to humble himself and cash in on his epic stacks of chips for all of those brilliantly conceived videos that were made of him having sex with two teenagers at a time. ~ ~ Dude. All you have to do is contact these people and cut an honest and square above board distribution deal that is good for [America] and everybody involved. ~ ~ Don't take too much time to think about it. ~ ~ You get a cool $90,000,000, they get only about $10,000,000. Which is more money than they have ever seen in their life. ~ ~ Look at it this way. If you had never fucked up at NBC; you would not be sitting on top of a $$$$$$ billion in free publicity now. ~ ~ Instead, you would have already been most respectfully kicked to the curb with full honors. And now you would be probably remaking DOWN AND OUT IN BEVERLY HILLS:II style sequals for union scale, plus any possible but highly unlikely 10% of the net prophets. ~ ~ Plus, you would be doing me a big favor too; since about 3 1/2 years ago I told everybody that you were my friend. ~ ~ What are friends for anyway? ~ ~ GSR/TOWNSHIPS ~ ~ THE BIG ASSHOLE SHIT NOTES: If Brad Pitt is not yet up to making two sequels to THE BIG LEBOWSKI at a time at this time, simply because his crazy jealous exwife replacement girlfriend "wife" wont let him do it, Charlie Sheen might even be a better PLAN B replacement casting idea. ~ ~ It would not be the first time that something like that had happened for the best in the past 100 million years in Hollywood. ~ ~ PS MR 666 MICROSOFT MAN: I AM has become pretty bored and tired of your neofascist world domination progressive taxation climate change fuel tax credit fantasies. ~ ~ Perhaps it's now high time for me to demonstrate my insane NAPOLEON complex type powers unto you. ~ ~ Unless of course you pay me a gazzillion billon trillian dollars. ~ ~ Don't forget; you owe me. I don't owe you. ~ ~ I'm like your best friend in the future in NAPOLEON DYNAMITE: II&III; even if you don't really like me anyway. ~ ~ FAKE REPLACEMENT KILLER TITS NOTES: "President Obama" was born in Hawaii; according to the NYT and Rush Limbaugh et al. ~ ~ What Jew you say? ~ ~ Jesus Christ already!! Where's your sence of humor? ~ ~ PS MEL: According to Bernie Sander's typical Jewish communist homosexual stalanist black listed media, you are either a billionaire, or you don't even have enough money left in your checking account to meet your child support payments. ~ ~ True or false, none of this pop cu!ture politics bullshit even interests me that much anymore. ~ ~ What I'm thinking about now is that me and you and Tom Hanks too hook up and pay for some kind of a seriocomic docudrama film festival comedy about you and Tom hooking up with two underaged teen hotties in the parking lot of some Malibu Beach hotel and bar. And then that self righteous white Nazi reactionary look alike, who obviously hates stupid black people, in THE BIG LEBOWSKI:2 arrests you and him for no good reason. ~ ~ PS TOM HANKS: Now that your beloved wife is almost dead. You might want to start thinking about your future.

Thursday, November 26, 2015


I dreamed over and over and again and again about Brad Pitt all night long last night. So I went back to WAL*MART again in the morning and found that 2012 movie about today's political establishment mob who have set aside their differences and hired a man to get rid of that amateur player named Donald Trump, time-stamped at 21:29 at: ~ ~ Hope I'm not wrong on this. I never did see it. I am only going on what it says on the back of the DVD case. ~ ~ Which is exactly what all of the apostate christian church priests [Who were fighting like hell against each other.] in upper New York did. When suddenly Joseph appeared out of nowhere and told them that God had told him in the woods that they were all wrong. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ THE PLAIN TRUTH NOTES: There is a Divine reason why Hollywood's most famous mega bucks movie star on the down low [Will Smith] looks like the spawn of an illegal alien invader from outer space. Who is obviously the breed of some HIV monkey from Charlize' Africa in DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER meets SHE'S GOTTA HAVE IT. ~ ~ And his sexy man wife really does look like a hardass bisexual man eater lesbian. And therefore the children that he/she spawned with her/him all look like sexually confused underaged transsexuals. Who have been fucked in a real good way by rich older white Jewish men. Not only because the big 6-figure money from Charlie Sheen et al was right; but also for decadently inspired artistic reasons. ~ ~ SEE:,_Manhattan ~ ~ Where ANNIE HALL's future little school girl Sandy is now living part time. ~ ~ CRASH NOTES: Today's uncivilized and disobediant niggers are rioting because the white people who are better than them in EZE.38 are still disobeying the word of God at, etc. ~ ~ PS BRAD: Anyway that you shoot it, you always end up looking like a really handsome tall white blond Nazi. ~ ~ And that's a good thing. Like in KISS OF THE SPIDER WOMAN on the one side, and A RIVER RUNS THROUGHT IT on the other side, at: ~ ~ SON OF THE LITTLE LEBOWSKI NOTES: Am I the only one out there right now who is feeling this one? ~ ~ Don't force me to go to Mel Gibson to get the six figure budget for it; just in order to prime the pump. Because I will if I have to; fuck you very much.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015


I don't know about you. But I myself has been awaken in the middle of the night by a very soft and clear voice from the other side that says simply 'Hello'; like only about 50,000 times in the last million years. ~ ~ Usually the preternatural voice sounds rather friendly and reassuring. But sometimes it can also sound strangely sardonic and evil. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ PS PAULEY PERRETTE: I read somewhere that that crazy homeless guy, from a good white healthy Ephraimite family in South Carolina, who attacked you up in the 7 hills of Hollywood, told you to always remember the name "William Holden"; i.e. the legendary star of STALAG 17, at: ~ ~ Which was a prophetic film about the arrogant Democrat Party left-winger Jews in the last days. Who had forced the white Ephraimite right-wingers into captivity, and finally they themselves end up in REV.13 type born again captivity. "What goes around comes around." David Lynch. ~ ~ PS CHRIS WOOD: Your upcoming birthday on 12.6 promises to be a very special occasion for you on a personal level. ~ ~ PS WOODY: Your own Dec.1 birth date written in the scrambled numbers on the crazy math teacher's chalkboard in ANNIE HALL is a Judah 1335 days period [WORLD AIDS DAY] thingy. ~ ~ It is no coincidence that both of you two are about the same height.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015


Woody Allen says that the two families of Judah and Ephraim are " oil and water." at around 47:00 into the split screen scene in ANNIE HALL. ~ ~ This being the two worlds logo on the tail of that TWA jet flying over Bonney Lake, Washington. ~ ~ So the next time that you hear some white cracker with hostility issues say that the Jews are trying to do to America what they did to Jesus, don't be so reactionary. ~ ~ Yes, IT'S ALL TRUE!! ~ ~ That half Jewish bastard child in the re occupied Casa Blanca, named Barack Obama, is not even a half-ass fact-checked US citizen. Thanks to 7 straight years of stonewalling by conservative neo con apostate christian JEWS FOR JESUS style talk radio. ~ ~ How gay is that? ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ REV.12 NOTES: Everything you need to know about OCEANS 12 happens in the movie's very last shot. Wherein Catherine Z-J suddenly falls out of her chair at the future round table of Donald Trump. ~ ~ Exactly like in one of his APRENTISHIP reality television show episodes. ~ ~ I never did see the show. But I understand that it was pretty good TV. ~ ~ [Think those chairs of sudden death in the opening sequence to AUSTIN POWERS: INTERNATIONAL MAN OF MYSTERY.] ~ ~ PLAY IT AGAIN NOTES: Woody Allen's original San Francisco film was about the importance of remaking sequels and prequels of the most inspired movies of the past 100 years. In order that the next two generations of the last days could also become as informed and enlightened as their grand fathers who came before them. ~ ~ Hence the, "...seems like old times..." song theme in ANNIE HALL meets STARDUST MEMORIES, MANHATTAN, THE PURPLE ROSE OF CAIRO, and RADIO DAYS, yada yada. ~ ~ PS MS LIMA: If you really are serious about getting into pictures. Here is what you do. ~ ~ Become your own producer and hire Paul Nestor to be your [SEX LIES AND VIDEO TAPE] cameraman in your own private debute remake of THE WOMAN IN RED, at: ~ ~ AND: ~ ~ Of course, I get to play the cute older horny Jewish guy who can't wait to fuck you.