Saturday, September 20, 2014


Back in his school days in Utah, Clyde Lewis wrote a tv pilot writing-class project entitled 'BLOOD RUNNERS'. That was about those hot nurse babes in OPERATION MAD BALL who serve the Lord in the future blood cleansing clinics in the sacred endowment houses mentioned at etc. Which will lead to the physical transfiguration. ~ ~ No wonder that Capt. Paul [military] Garrison is looking so damn good these days. And no, that is not some thick died hair wig on his head. ~ ~ Meanwhile, back at the ranch in Montana, I recently had a visionary dream about those four presidents depicted on Mt Rushmore in NORTH BY NORTHWEST. Wherein they suddenly crumbled to the ground, and God told me to read George Will's recent piece about the sudden upcoming financial meltdown. ~ ~ Thank you very much President Barack Obama, Larry David, Glenn Beck, and Jerry Seinfeld. ~ ~ I never could have done it without you. ~ ~ I owe you all big time. ~ ~ Don't worry, I am gonna make it up to you; every last cent. I don't forget so easily. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ NURSE BETTY NOTES: Check out those sexy Jewish roots look on Jacksonville, Florida's Ms. Greene at: ~ ~ Jewish girls are quite famous for having very long memories; sometimes too long. ~ ~ However, that's still better than being some dumb Ephraimite blond who could care less about her family roots. ~ ~ See LOST HIGHWAY meets MULHOLLAND DR. down at the crossroads in BLUES BROTHERS: I&II&III. ~ ~ WHAT ABOUT BOB NOTES: Exactly, what about my uncle Bob's retarded twin brother who died on April 6? ~ ~ Jesus Christ already; what do you want?.. A solid gold toilet? ~ ~ But that is not going to happen, is it. ~ ~ WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION NOTES: Clyde Lewis had some former CIA agent named Greg on his show this past week. Who confirmed that God's servant named George W Bush Jr. [As described in the 1990s revelations recorded at] was completely justified in invading Iraq. See Kenny Kemp's past COMMON SENSE blog pieces about the obvious facts about Obama's forged birth certificate etc.

Friday, September 19, 2014


Jesus Christ already, I should just come out and say it already; Clyde Lewis is a certified crazy Branch Davidian decedent of Jesus. Who was married to more that one wife, and had lots of kids by today's standards. And then in-between the time that he died and was born again in Jerusalem one of his other brothers, or cousins, took care of his wives; in every sense of the word. ~ ~ That is and until he would return again like in the 1962 Jack Lemmon musical named THREE FOR THE [radio] SHOW. ~ ~ Talk about THE SOUND OF MUSIC remake co-starring Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Aniston; not to mention Hillary Swank and Debra Messing. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ CLIFF NOTES: Obviously, Barack Obama is the second coming of Christ, and everybody and his dog knows it; per: ~ ~ Except perhaps Michael Medved on the left coast, and Mark Levin on the right coast; six one half dozen the other. ~ ~ PS JERRY: Don't worry anymore about my love shack boat house, and or my race-car green 1972 ALFA VELOCE with the tan leather seats parked in front of it along the shores of Sag Harbor. ~ ~ That's all taken care of now. ~ ~ Sorry to have bothered you about it in the first place. Have a nice Christmas.

Thursday, September 18, 2014


Jesus loves everyone, including you. But that does not mean that he has to like you. ~ ~ For example, my ex-wife from France left me because she didn't like me anymore, even though she still loved me. ~ ~ Think Gisele Bundchen and Adriana Lima still love the fathers of their children. But they would rather hang out with me and the girls in the long run; because that sounds like the kind of fun that would last much more than just a few short years. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ MR. ZERO EFFECT NOTES: Clyde Lewis is getting prank '000 0' telephone calls from the devil because he still believes in the great and abominable church of the devil as described in the BOOK OF MORMON. ~ ~ Since his mocking attitude towards the Devine second witness of Christ has always been nothing but a load of satanic "...HA HA HA..." bullshit. ~ ~ Think Robert Redford meets Prince Charles meets Will Ferrell meets Steve Carell, and you get my drift. ~ ~ The name Ed is a classic MR ED tv show reference to the [White House Prophecy] beast who is ridden by the painted lady whore in REV.17. ~ ~ LOVE NOTES: Most of today's Jewish fascists who love 666 statism also hate white people, just because the white people don't like getting fucked in the ass by them. Ergo all that white hot hate from Protestants toward the apostate mud race Mormons in Utah polite society. ~ ~ That's right girls; I got no more use for people like Ken Kemp and Bruce Troxell if they don't want to have anything to do with my 250k per lost tribes of Israel video episodes on THE DISCOVERY CHANEL meets THE LEARNING CHANEl meets HBO. ~ ~ Don't kid yourself; when the funny-money bubble finally pops, I get more money than God, and you and your film crew get to go to your local food bank with hat in hand. ~ ~ That's right, in the near term, yours truly is going to be rich as snot, and you are going to be poor as dirt. Talk about economic inequality. ~ ~ PS JESSICA ALBA: Jesus still really likes you and your fresh mouth, for sure.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014


As you may all know by now, I keep most of my off-shore half-tax-free money in THE BANK OF CANADA's various off-shore branches in places like the Bahamas. ~ ~ In other words, you support the Internationalist Jewish conspiacry to undermine true socialism; you see me as some kind of a new and improved Hitler. ~ ~ Who hates rich Jewish liberals who never stop scheming of ways to steal your hard earned money. ~ ~ Think the tall Jewish Bill Clinton is still married to that crazy bitch on wheels named Hillary for a reason. ~ ~ And it's not a good reason. ~ ~ In other words, Hitler wanted to streamline and improve and modernize nurdy Jewish self-righteous Marxism; just like Michael Douglas on the left, and or Michael Medved on the right. ~ ~And I do too. If you get my drift. ~ ~ "We were fighting for the wrong side." Leslie Winn, circa 1969. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ MARXIST NOTES: The only way to cure today's capitalist Jewish Marxist pop culture cancer is to cut it out completely at the roots. ~ ~ Talk about the final solution in MARK 13:14 and DANIEL 12. ~ ~ OPERATION MADNESS NOTES: Some ridiculous looking black and white 1950s comedy starring Jack Lemmon was on the flip side of my GOOD NEIGHBOR SAM disk called OPERATION MAD BALL. ~ ~ Which turned out to be about today's high society types who try to stop me from balling all of those hot nurses in Girl Scout uniforms who are on the down low; at some FFing fuck fest ball in post FDR France on September 22, 2014. ~ ~ TALK RADIO MADNESS: I am not going to let any rich Jewish talk radio host out there drag me down into the mud with their mud race craziness about "The President of the United States Barack Obama" who is not even an American citizen; and everybody and his [Emerald City] dog named Toto knows this, left or right. ~ ~ PS MEDVED: Most of the more younger conservative Internet savvy low-wage staffers at conservative talk-radio stations like KTTH 770 AM are onto you. ~ ~ They don't say so openly because they don't want to end up working at COSTCO or McDONALDS or worse.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014


You little pathetic worms in the Jewish liberal media, who are losing your hair like in THE CURSE OF THE JADE SCORPION, are all cursed with that old Sicilian lady's death curse in the first super moon act of MOONSTRUCK. ~ ~ Speaking of crazy mind-blowing fucking, here is a great new pap of Sienna Miller sporting that snake skin jacket look in the first act of WILD AT HEART, at: ~ ~ You think I AM is just a bit over the top do you? ~ ~ Last night I dreamed that Tom Hanks and Teri Rutherford were in bed together. And his wife liked it that way if that is what it takes to get him up and going again. ~ ~ According to various clean-living christian-family-values studies done at BYU, etc. one of the main reasons for today's high Christian marriage divorce rate is simply boredom. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ DEAR JOHN NOTES: My very rich wives like Sienna and Keira and Carey still deeply love their simple minded little boy mormon missionary husbands of course. However, they are now looking for more than this as they face the cold hard reality of having eternal never-ending sex with only one boy. ~ ~ BRIDES OF DRACULA WARHOL FILM REMAKE NOTES: Take a second hard look at Sienna's love prisoner chains thing at: ~ ~ Money talks bullshit walks. ~ ~ BRAIN DEAD NOTES: All of those girly little Jew boys and girls in the reptile sports media are the problem today. Not those 4 giant NFL niggers who were just doing their jobs when they beat their whorish wives and their lustful out-of-control children who deserved to die anyway, like at; "That fucking asshole deserved to die!" on the way to Big Tuna, Texas in WILD AT HEART meets HANNA MONTANA; THE MOVIE. ~ ~ THE RIGHT MONEY NOTES: Back in 1964, $1,000,000 was worth about $15,000,000 in today's inflated watered-down warm and fuzzy silly money.

Monday, September 15, 2014


Both Sam and Paul light up a couple of KOOL fags before they jump onto the queer-as-orange bed stings of Christian monogamy and get it on like today's married homogaysexual fraudsters in GOOD NEIGHBOR SAM, 1964. ~ ~ Exactly, the CIVIL RIGHTS ACT of 1964 was just another excuse for today's [tall dark and handsome] half Jewish Negros on the down low to run away from reality. ~ ~ Thank you very much Spencer W. Kimball, George W. Bush, Capt. Paul Garrison, Gordon B. Hinckley, and Glenn Beck and Bill O'Really et al. ~ ~ No wonder yours truly gets to temporarily fuck so many hot babes who I AM is not even legally married to in the new and improved [RLDS] CHURCH OF SCIENTOLOGY in Park City, Utah meets West Los Angeles, California. ~ ~ In the prophetic latter-day spirit of, "What goes on inside of my sacred temples today is VOMIT!" ~ ~ [] ~ ~ In other words, you take my wife, I take your wife. ~ ~ And both of them like it. ~ ~ If the money is right of course. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ PLAIN TRUTH MAGAZINE NOTES: All of those free magazine dispensers that were placed along the sidewalks in Westwood, LA in the 1960s and 1970s and 1980s were a part of God's plan for the restoration of the lost tribes of Israel. Who have been hiding in plain sight for all of these centuries. ~ ~ No matter what that clean living religious Jew nerd Michael Medved might have to say about Barack Obama's forged birth certificate and stolen SS number. You can't run away from fraud and deceit, no matter how hard you try. ~ ~ As in, Sailor and Peanut try to run away from the law in WILD AT HEART: 2. The remake-update-sequel, costarring Miley Cyrus and Justin Beaver. With special guest appearances by Ms. Gomez and that tall hot skinny blond with the kind of 19-20ish tits that stand up and say hello; a.k.a. Taylor Swift. ~ ~ I'm thinking Jennifer Aniston plays her older blond-wig mother in the new-and-improved David Lynch movie. Who is still a pretty sexy looker; and definitely has the kind of [PLAN B PRODUCTIONS] fuck-you money to make it happen.

Sunday, September 14, 2014


"You can't run away from fraud and deceit young man!" Says the sleazy "Harvard 44" private eye who caught Harvard's no.44 Barack Obama red handed in GOOD NEIGHBOR SAM, 1964. And who lives at "29th and Gary" in San Francisco, California. ~ ~ For example, a woman can not receive her 15 big ones inheritance unless and until she has a legitimate temple veil husband who has been sealed to her and her children for all eternity. ~ ~ Otherwise you get a whole lot less, in terms of real money; like those two Catholic married clean-living religious nurds depicted on all of those WILCOX FARMS milk&eggs billboards. ~ ~ Think Nicole Kidman and Kate Holmes having a crazy good time at TOMMY'S JOINT in the above 1964 picture. ~ ~ Meanwhile, the film's prophetic Negro authority figure judge rules that Jan and Sam are in fact legit Catholic church type husbands and wives. Just like my crazy French ex-wife; who once married Steven Hughes in a [Scientology] church in Oregon somewhere. ~ ~ Having duly obtained some kind of a prophetic and deceitful Barack Obama type marriage/birth certificate. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ MILF NOTES: This one could be complete true-or-false bullshit. But the current local east-side Seattle/Bellevue scuttlebutt is that my cousin Jan [Relf] and her sleazy husband are now worth 15 big ones. Works for me. ~ ~ I would fuck my hot blond 1st cousin bitch in the butt in a heartbeat, and never look back. [I never look back anyway, but it sounds pretty cool to say this on here.]