Wednesday, April 23, 2014


After seeing those new pix of Taylor Swift at a flower market in NYC, I decided to watch my new 50th Anniversary edition of NORTH BY NORTHWEST; which I found a week or so ago at WAL*MART for 3.97. ~ ~ Taylor Mtn. is just west northwest of Rt.29's Beaverhead Pass across the state line that forms the prophetic silhouette of Alfred Hitchcock and all that. ~ ~ Located exactly north by northwest of my favorite rainbow trout spring creek in the whole wide world. ~ ~ So I got pretty excited when I saw Cary Grant sit down at Amber Heard's dinner car table on her very same birthday and order the brook trout on her recommendation. ~ ~ You think I'm kidding? ~ ~ It's the same place where Ken McLeod's father always took him hunting for big fat [Democrat Party] mule deer every year using the two 9mm German rifles that his tall Jewish Scottish father had brought back with him from WW II. ~ ~ Basically, NORTH BY NORTHWEST is a prophecy about my rich Israel brothers in NYC who have been placing all of those GSR/TWN advertisements for the past 20 years. Wherein he takes the no.4044 train to Barack Obama's Chicago in pursuit of today's secretive no.44 secret agent who is the double agent one who has been assigned by g-d to assassinate the new 666 beast. ~ ~ Who was miraculously resurrected and born again after WW II; thanks to those two very talented comedians, David Letterman and Glenn Beck; etc. etc. Not to mention Heber C Kimball and Gordon B Hinckley et al. Which would also include the last Popes in Rome going back to the religious and political reformations of the 19666s. That was driven by the international marxist Jewish conspiracy that drove Adolf Hitler completely mad. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ RUSH LIMBAUGH NOTES: Alfred Hitchcock's 1959 prophecy ends with Amber Heard getting rescued at the Mt Rushmore monument to the four REV.17 horses of the apocalypse in REV.11, 12, 13. Which is located among the prophetic 7 Black Hills of South Dakota that represent the time when there would be a sodomite black man who is their Egyptian style Greek homosexual ruler. ~ ~ MONEY MATTERS NOTES: Hey VV. Wanna make a quick killing? Buy some really huge restored historic property in downtown Chicago and then take out the most lucrative earthquake insurance policy on it that you can find. Which would not be that hard to do; since everybody in today's world of high finance would think that you are an absolutely crazy sucker to be spending that kind of money on property insurance. ~ ~ I mean think about. ~ ~ Your wife is already a well respected real estate agent in the Chicago area. Which means that you could probably pick up some typically trendy $10,000,000 property for less than 5% cash money down. And then when it burns down to the ground in an earthquake you collect on the insurance. ~ ~ Think I'm crazy? A guy with your local fame and celebrity status quo could quickly barrow the aforementioned minuscule downpayment on easy terms and probably cash in big time without putting out one red cent from your own pocket. Of course, I get ten percent in the deal. ~ ~ Just like you promised to me in that alternative gay ass ending to your thematically entitled movie called THE BREAKUP.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014


In the original 1997 BEAN prophecy, the Negro law figure is shot in the heart with a yellow M&Ms chocolate candy that represents the two REV.17 'M' icons of Judah and Ephraim. ~ ~ Because today's leadership of the Mormon Republican Party are a bunch of man-child boys who refuse to grow up and start acting like real men. ~ ~ And of course, by the expression 'real men' I mean to say white men. ~ ~ Speaking of today's girls who are now in charge of everything, this news report is about the sleeping Jewish teen in BEAN who died while riding on the movie's medicine wheel metaphore, and then she was born again after yours truly jumped on top of her in her hospital bed; Miley Cyrus style. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ STERN NOTES: "I like to pretend otherwise, but I do whatever my daughters want me to do..." [Howard Stern] ~ ~ "Been there, done that..." [Greg Relf] ~ ~ WHO'S WHO? NOTES: The 1967 episode of THE AVENGERS entitled WHO'S WHO ??? is about when the time will finally come when it is high time for the sons and daughters of Israel to get real; and start being themselves.

Monday, April 21, 2014


Last night I watched the original 1997 BEAN movie. Wherein the imposter Dr. Bean replaces Barack Obama's marred boner nose painting worth 50 big ones, [50 states], with a fake copy of his birth certificate that nobody in high society even questions. Including America's military generals. Even the same arrogant kiss ass pricks who have actually prosecuted some of their inferior officers for not believing it. ~ ~ Think Mark Levin meets Michael Medved, if you get my drift. ~ ~ GSR/ TWN ~ ~ FLYING MONKEY NOTES: The flying monkey joke in BEAN: The Movie establishes the prophetic time-line when there would be an African born homosexual man-child in the Greek homosexual White House that stands in for that Greek columns museum in London that opens the TIGER ASPECT FILMS production. ~ ~ Therefore, at the end of the G-13 Rated movie the black authority figure gets shot in the heart by some crazy car-jacker; but then his life is miraculously saved by my odd looking half Jew figure Mr. Bean. ~ ~ See: ~ ~ UFO RADIO NOTES: Throughout the entire above movie, Mr. Bean is considered to be an alien from outer space. So be sure to listen to GROUND ZERO radio this week for all of the juicy details. ~ ~

Sunday, April 20, 2014


Those new baby girl nursery pix of Ms Montana sucking on my cock came out around the same time that I watched 1967's episode of THE AVENGERS entitled SOMETHING NASTY IN THE NURSERY, per this link at: ~ ~ Wherein all of those arrogant high society Ephraimites are completely drunk and crawling around on the floor like little boys; but not by wine or whiskey, etc. ~ ~ For example; Utah's new and improved Republican tea party conservative Senator in drag just said that it doesn't matter anymore if Barack Obama is not a US citizen. That's all water under the bridge as far as he is concerned. ~ ~ Think Donald Trump meets Rush Limbaugh, etc. ~ ~ "I just turn into a little baby whenever I catch a bad cold." [Rush Limbaugh] ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ CHILDISH NEGRO NOTES: When Jesus said, "Suffer the little children to come unto me." He was talking about the Sons of Ham. Even the same ones who he referred to as "my people" in the Old Testament's record of the destruction of the Egyptian armies on the last day of Passover. ~ ~ G RATED NOTES: 2007's MR. BEAN'S VACATION opens with a hilarious JACK IN THE BOX shot that features a physically transfigured Greg in the background; both of them positioned below that rod of Jesse scaffolding metaphor that was being used for the restoration of the true church of the Lamb in the BOOK OF MORMON. Then later, we see my dead adopted son Justin Bieber rise up in some kind of an Italian opera reenactment sequel-remake homage to the two witnesses laying on the street in REV.11. ~ ~ JACK IN THE BOX SURPRISES: After watching SOMETHING NASTY IN THE NURSERY last night, I was surprised that I felt up to watching the next week's episode entitled THE JOKER. Wherein Emma role plays today's Keira Knightley who is freaked out by all those whispering voices and ringing telephone calls from Jesus that have been haunting her in the middle of the night for the past ten years. ~ ~ For instance; that DOMINO logo no. 326 on those German records; wherein she hears my Nazi lover in KISS OF THE SPIDER WOMAN whispering her name in the middle of the night. And then she discovers a dead Ken Keisler Nazi lover look alike Cyclopes dummy inside of that aging rusty car that is in dire need of a new paint job. ~ ~ Who she had once blocked from going down to BLAME IT ON RIO; where the hot topless teenage virgins are 19ish, tops, and the older men in SPEEDOS are at best middle-aged, going on 29 in their own minds. ~ ~ IT'S SPRING TIME FOR HITLER NOTES: As usual, we are seeing another prophetic Mel Brooks production number coming to pass this spring. ~ ~ We see the two dead witnesses laying on the street two times in THE AVENGERS' 1967 episode entitled "I HATE TALK RADIO", to paraphrase. ~ ~ POPE NOTES: Why does every single Catholic Pope in Roma have to sound like your typical Greenwich Village homosexual when he speaks? ~ ~ ELTON JOHN NOTES: That older man who is playing with his remote control toy boat in the NEVER, NEVER SAY DIE episode is Elton John. "Most gays are guys who just never grew up..." [Howard Stern]

Saturday, April 19, 2014


There was a 4.3 orgasm metaphor near Woody, California at 5:15 am on the sabbath day opening day of FADING GIGOLO in LA and NYC exclusively. Which was g-d's way of saying that you ought to go see this particular underground GSR/TWN movie; co-starring my Pentecostal born-again wife Sharon Stone. ~ ~ You think Miley Cyrus always has a smile on her face? Just google the images of Sharon Stone sometime. When you're not too busy praying and going to all your stupid church Bible study classes. ~ ~ That said, Woody still owes me some serious cake. Since the aforementioned earthquake omen occurred just north of Bakersfield. Which definitely looks to me like some kind of a traditional Hollywood Jew down payment in good faith. I.e. 1/3 payable upon signing; 1/3 payable upon completion of principle photography; the last 1/3 due at the end of post production. ~ ~ The nice thing about most Jews is that when it comes to money, you can trust them with your life. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ DOCTOR SAVAGE RADIO NOTES: The LDS type mainstream Church of England banned Michael Savage's radio show in confirmation of those future Barack Obama Obot impersonator usurpers who go around smashing radios in THE AVENGERS's episode entitled NEVER, NEVER SAY DIE. Because they were driven mad by those two anticommunist firebrands on the radio. For example, Gordon B. Hinckley fired Rush Limbaugh from his RLDS owned radio station in Kansas City, MO, etc. ~ ~ MS MONTANA NOTES: Here is the latest confirmation of the Divine inspiration behind her timely concert performance of the 1975 hit song LANDSLIDE, at: ~ ~ Note the Jackson Hole location not mentioned by the Obot media clones in the above 1967 episode of THE AVENGERS, entitled THE REV.13th HOLE. [Wherein white Russia is now threatening the future democratic fascists of the EU who are facilitating the invasion of Israel in EZE.38.] Who are the liberal media's secret "independent" Jew fakers and photo homosexuals, like Clyde Lewis et al, who are behind the secret imposter's Obot aliens plot emanating from today's Greek White House. ~ ~ FILM NOTES: The new CANNES 2014 poster features my pre-transfiguration poster hanging on the wall in KILL CRUISE, circa 1989, seen at: ~ ~ LEAVE IT TO BEAVER NOTES: This new J2 thread is definitely about the upcoming CANNES FILM FESTIVAL, at: ~ ~ Oddly enough, in MR. BEAN'S VACATION sequel the film festival takes place in June, not May. ~ ~ MY THREE SONS NOTES: This iconic 1960s tv series was about me; centered around a father who lost his wife. And who had three sons named Sean, Andrew, and Bieber. The latter being much younger than the first two, seen at: ~ ~ As confirmed in the above broken house news photo that features the exact same brown stained 5400' house across the road in Stanwood, Washington where we were living in 1979. Since Laurence and I went on our honeymoon in Wyoming.

Friday, April 18, 2014


GREAT BALLS OF FIRE is the inspiration behind Sienna Miller's new own-private-Mississippi movie. ~ ~ As just confirmed by that second SHAKE RATTLE'N ROLL earthquake in England. Which corresponded with that very powerful 7.2 earthquake Mexico at 9:27 local time. Based upon all those inspired true-or-false gossip reports about the 9.27.72 born actress conducting a 'higher consciousness uncoupling' ceremony on a beach somewhere down there; that represented my dream about her and I sitting on the grass along Seattle's Green Lake rainbow trout paradise. ~ ~ Where the black caddis fly hatches are thick, and only older guys and teenagers are allowed to engage in a little licensed flirty fly-fishing. ~ ~ [The older Killer married the Jewish 13ish Ryder in the 1989 movie, circa 1956, etc.] ~ ~ Ergo, millions of narrow minded religious neo marxist bigots are going to have to be killed before anything like that could ever happen in real life. ~ ~ "I'm the mayor of Realville, California." [Rush Limbaugh.] ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ EUPHEMISTIC NOTES: The phrase 'conscious uncoupling' refers to the laws of concubinage outlined in the 2BC. Wherein a women is allowed to have children by a man who is not her eternal husband. And then she is allowed to keep those children sealed to her forever, after she finally finds out who her real husband is. According to the word of promise that will be given unto her through the veil inside of the endowment houses of the Lord.

Thursday, April 17, 2014


Making a successful indie film about my hero in NAPOLEON DYNAMITE who thinks that he is the actual real born again Napoleon, is the same thing as climbing into a CESSNA 172 and flying it to the moon. ~ ~ Which is why most of today's prideful self-righteous Mormons have no real comprehension about what a Hollywood movie miracle from god is. ~ ~ For example, most of today's faux born again Christians don't believe that Jesus was married, and that he loved to fuck his many [religious sex-cult] wives. ~ ~ So now comes the time when you all get to get fucked in the ass for having so little faith in the word of God in ISAIAH 4. ~ ~ As explained in the modern day revelations at which most wanna be Christian mormons reject. People who don't believe in really hot fucking will be sent to an eternal christian cathedral heaven fantasy-world where there is no fucking. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ CASTING NOTES: If I were you, I would take a cue from those new pix of Leo DiCaprio strolling on the sandy beach with some island babe in Bora Bora. Since that prophetic Harry Potter plants sailing ship in 62's MUTINY ON THE BOUNTY was 91' long. And why not? ~ ~ For example, see Gisele Bundchen's new thematic Tahiti bikini pictorial at: ~ ~ PS JENNIFER ANNISTON: You want it? You got it. ~ ~ Once you hand over to me my 10% cash money at that coffee shop in MULHOLLAND DRIVE, it's a done deal. ~ ~ SECRET NOTE: An earthquake shook the exclusive area where I currently have one of my secret mutiny hideouts in England; as reported at: ~ ~ Catch me if you can.