Monday, October 20, 2014


Frankenfurter's handy man didn't recognize me at first when I rang his doorbell in THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW; even though yours truly looked exactly like him back in 74. ~ ~ Flash forward to the physical transfiguration time warp of today and you get the picture. Wherein I get to fuck both Brad Pitt's wife and Justin Theroux's fiancee. ~ ~ Or as Jesus says at, " will be worth it."  ~ ~ In other words, when one of my brothers dies, I am supposed to take care of his wives until he returns in the first ressurrection.  ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ SWEET GUITAR NOTES: I would only expect to be having a ball driving my mint condition evergreen  72 ALFA in 3rd gear for about five years, tops. ~ ~ PS ELTON JOHN: Stop your bitching and start helping mememe with my designs on having an English country estate with my own private top fly fishing spring creek.

Sunday, October 19, 2014


Last night I watched Frankenfurter's sidekick creation getting chased around the woods of the Evergreen State by Sheriff  Joe's future birther posse in 1935's THE BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN. Then this morning, I read that the very same posse in Pennsylvania 6-5000 has now gone over to the Paradise area in search of the man with a mud race mask on his face who had shot those two troopers in the Lords Valley area, due west of Twin Lakes. ~ ~ Now I hear that the niggers were rioting again this weekend; but this time it was up in the White Mountains area of New Ham/shire. ~ ~ A born again nigger is a new nigger by any other color. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ PS MICHAEL SAVAGE MEETS DAVID LYNCH: You don't let me down this time, I don't let you down next time. You owe me, I owe you, yada yada, times two.

Saturday, October 18, 2014


My protagonist is wearing an evergreen STARBUCKS barista apron and pink rubber gloves when he declares that, "...paradise is to be mine!" in my own private  THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW prophecy shot in 1974. For that cat.4 that just rolled into all those famous pink sand REV.13.1 beaches in the Bermuda Triangle paradise islands zone. ~ ~ Hence, the longest running movie in the history of Hollywood theaters features a necklace chain of smart 'I' phone pendents when Brad and Janet show up at that hunting lodge for rich half Jew weirdos; like Bill Gates; Paul Allen; Jeff [Relf] Bezos; yada yada.; asking to use their 666 telephone; which can hear and speak just like a real human being. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ PS BRAD: The reason why you suck as a father is because you are not teaching your kids about the way to eternal life. ~ ~ MO BETTER NOTES: Last night I was starting to feel a bit down; until I saw that new handy man INSTIGRAM photo of Ariana Grande giving me the secret temple handshake job at ZIMBIO. For a homage to my famous hand job scene in THE BIG EASY. How nice to know that I will always have an ace in the hole. ~ ~ PS MICHAEL SAVAGE: Now that the GIANTS and the ROYALS are in the world atlas series I'm gonna need that 51' sailboat I told you about back when. Don't worry, there will be something in it for you too, times two.

Friday, October 17, 2014


Those two train wrecks of Judah and Ephraim happened in Washington [DC]  County, Ark. Thursday at about 11:00 AM for today's two witnesses on AM talk radio. Who could have taken out the abomination of desolation in MARK years ago. But they did not do it because nobody ever taught them about D&C 57; not to mention the BOOK OF MORMON. ~ ~ Ergo, the mostly negro British Bermuda gets it today.  ~ ~ For example, for five years, the Republicans in congress followed the advise of the apostate mormon church leadership about not being contentious and argumentative. Because that is what their foolish virgin girl wives wanted. ~  ~ In other words, if you refuse to cave in and compromise you get no sucky fucky.  Whereas, if you have more than one wife, who is much younger to boot, you can always tell the first older one to go fuck off. ~ ~ GSR\TWN ~ ~ MADISON LINE NOTES: Hillary Clinton's crazy lunatic Madison County, Ark is located right next to Washington County. Note the Brentwood omen right there on your R/M atlas of Judah and Ephraim. ~ ~ The reason why homosexual marriage is now the law of the land is because polygamy is still illegal in the minds of people like Ken Kemp and Elder Oaks.

Thursday, October 16, 2014


That cat.4 is slamming into Clyde Lewis' UFO triangles show atlas location in confirmation of Taylor Swift's new DR. NO pussy cats video for COCA COLA; now posted at J2, etc. ~ ~ Which is about that Egyptian triangle icon on my Jesus Christ super star figure in THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW.  ~ ~ Which is the very same UFO triad that Clyde saw one day in Portland when he stepped out of an evergreen storefront STARBUCKS. ~ ~ GSR\TWN ~ ~
OOPSY: Sorry about the enclosed 11:57 time-stamp; didn't see that one coming. ~ ~ KILLER NOTES: Elizabeth Hurley's KILL CRUISE prophecy that came out in 1989 was a Bermuda Triangle thing. ~ ~ MIDDLE AGED ECONOMIC CRISIS NOTES:
I may look like I'm almost 57, as I drive around town in my original condition 1972 evergreen ALFA VELOCE with a nice pair of like-new 2+2 brown leather seats,  but I still feel much younger than that. ~ ~ You would too if you knew what I knew. ~ ~ KNOW IT ALL NOTES: Reportedly, around 20 love guru mountain guides were just killed in a freak post-season avalanche. Think Jim Car Rey in PET DETECTIVE: II, Africa.
 Not to mention Dr. 'Everest' Scott in the ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW; who was a reference to the film's homosexual UFO expert narrator on criminal behavior. ~ ~ NOTES FOR DUMMIES: Yeah I know. I'm never going to look like a typical Charles Atlas in this life time. More like my fit and trim skinny protagonist does in THE BIG EASY, 1987.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014


Shortly after I had received a special notice in the mail from SLC, Utah that God himself had casted me in some really sweet jewcy role in Federico Fellini's upcoming production of ROMA,  I handed over the keys to my very dented up white 57 CHEVY to Ken McLeod; and never looked back.  ~ ~ Then right after I got back from Rome, I saw SLEEPER in some old run down late-run retro theater in Greenwood. Where they recently shot those scenes of me flirty fucking Keira Knightly and Chloe Moretz at the same time on my 54' Bogart sailboat on Lake Union;  think SLEEPLESS IN SEATTLE meets Woody Allen's next untitled movie filmed in Newport, Rhode Island.  Bogie kept his boat tied up in Newport, California, and all that jazz. ~ ~ GSRxTWN ~ ~ NEW READER NOTES: Ken was already driving a purpleish 57 BELAIR CHEY V-8 at the time; hence his special look alike appearance with Ken Kemp in SLEEPER. ~ ~ Think DUMB AND DUMBER: III takes place somewhere in Colorado. The 57 CHEVY was famous for it's notorious REV.13.1 shark fin tail design, yada yada. ~ ~ Also, Donnatela Greco was born in 57, for a IT STARTED IN NAPLES thing. Since the first time that I ever got behind the wheel of an ALFA was in Naples, circa 1973. That was the exact same vague beige [unknown] ambiguios color of the 76 ALFETTA that I bought in Middle/vale, Utah on State Street and then picked up down on the mob-union controlled  import docks in Long Beach, California; for around $7600. Back when they were just giving them away. And I got the last laugh as I drove it up through southern Utah on I-15 doing  100 all the way. ~ ~ Later I learned that Donnatella was fucking some up and coming Naples mob underboss who was driving the same duel
overhead cam fuel injected car with duel torsion-bar stabilizers and rear-end transaxle. ~ ~  Fascist mob rule is a crazy Jewish mother thing for little boys who never grew up; which is why nigger hating Nazism never seems to go away; not to mention the fact that most white people hate queers.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014


SLEEPER is about the new and improved fascistic futurist  leader who was nominated in Colored-ado by Jewish liberals like Woody Allen. ~ ~ Who see themselves as Clyde Lewis type independents; just because they are not communists. ~ ~ Hence, Bogie starts to look a lot like Jerry Seignfeld in THE BIG SLEEP.  ~ ~ Wherein everyone is trying to figure out the confusing encoded plot line about the last days blackmailer in DC.  ~ ~ Therefore the short 5'7" actor died in 57 at age 57, per that line of Judah in D&C 57, in order to simplify things. ~ ~ In other words, the Jews in Hollywood are going to have to pay me off one way or the other. ~ ~ And no, you don't get to read the screenplay first. ~ ~ GSR?TWN  ~ ~
BRIDES OF DRACULA NOTES: The latest horror wedding confirmation happened near Upper Sandusky, Ohio for that PLAIN DEALER newspaper in THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW prophecy about modern apostate christian marriage. ~ ~ Here is Miranda Kerr flashing her missing wedding ring at: ~ ~ Remember,  Rush Limbaugh was married to his third crazy football fan wife by a negro priest. Who is still staying silent about Barack Obama's stolen iPAD Social Security number. ~ ~ The only real political independents out there right now are the so called Tea Party people. Everyone else on the AM radio dial is just fronting for ratings and advertiser dollars.  You talk about the real Obama, you get kicked off the air.