Sunday, December 21, 2014


We know that that is that big phony political independent look alike Clyde Lewis in SEINFELD when Kramer mentions something about "...water near the bridge." Since Portland, Oregon's nickname is 'Bridgetown'. And the bald Clyde figure thinks that everything happening today is some kind of an underground masonic conspiracy. Which is all true of course; Kramer being a 33rd degree Mason in real life, yada yada. ~ ~ Who believes that today's giant size NBA niggers have gotten too big for their britches; not that there is anything wrong with that. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ USED RERUN NOTES: The iconic "yada yada" SEINFELD episode features Emma Watson, and her spiritually stunted parents, who she still lives with to this day in the London area, at about 18:... minutes. ~ ~ Which ends with her marrying No.2's adopted Mini Me son, years before AP:II came out in theaters. ~ ~ See the episode's BRUNO [brown] restaurant scenes that directly correspond with her Brown University college pizzeria education that she got in Rhode Island. ~ ~ 111 NOTES: That latter-day Dr. Evil figure mentioned in NAHUM 1:11 represents all those wondrous earthquakes that have happened along Rt.111 in the Chocolate Mountains region of California. Which just happens to be the area where America's military practices their bombing and cannon fire skills. That looks like some desolate brown planet in some outerspace invasion movie made on the cheap in the 1950s. ~ ~ ADITIONAL SOURCES NOTES: Check out this link before you file your next numb nuts report at your local home town newspaper fish-wrapper at:

Saturday, December 20, 2014


In the interest of full disclosure, let me just state up front for the record right now that anybody who disagrees with me is going to die. ~ ~ Now back to our regular programming. ~ ~ I went back to PISTOL ANNIE'S yesterday to pick up the 4th DVD of SEINFELD's complete 1996 season; which I did not buy the first time because somebody's house dog had chewed up the case. ~ ~ Yeah yeah, yada yada, when I got back home with it I discovered that it contained the one where Kramer is a dog who leads the cops to THE OLD MILL restaurant where the big headed Jewish liberal bitch Elaine is still fighting with yours truly, and still stabbing me with a fork in my GSR/TWN forehead. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ SONY WALKMAN NOTES: North Korea fucking with Hollywood Jew America is obviously a M.A.S.H. movie prophecy thingy. ~  ~ Wherein those two white MP GI guys beat up on Obama when they arrest him. Because he deserved it. For example, see: ~ ~ Talk about racial profiling when the white National Guard gets their orders to shoot on sight any nigger  slave who does not obey their orders. Since according to the Israelite Bible, the special white folks in the latter-days are supposed to be in charge of everything from the beginning to the end. ~ ~ BOOK OF MORMON NOTES: Michael Savage spent much of his youth searching for the 'fountain of youth' herbs and wild flowers among Mel Gibson's Figi Islands for a reason. ~ ~ As foretold in all of those indie films that feature me fucking Chloe Moretz and Hailee Steinfeld on my fully restored vintage 91' sailboat. ~ ~ 33RD DEGREE NOTES: The reason why the shortish Spencer Kimball from Arizona let the sons of Ham have the higher priesthood during the disco 70s, is because he had a bad attitude about the Masonite rulers of the world. ~ ~ Think Clyde Lewis meets his look alike [bald] phony bookie who can't put his money where his mouth is in SEINFELD's amazing signs and wonders 8th season episode. That ends with the Steve Carell look alike. Who believes to this day that everything that God is doing today is a conspiracy designed to deceive the gentiles. ~ ~ SECRET COMBINATIONS NOTES: See what is going on behind the scenes in secret at today's NYT etc. at:

Friday, December 19, 2014


The reason why SEINFELD's 8th season was so inspired and so special is because it played out at the prophetic climax of the two witnesses' special 1260 days period in REV.11, 12, and 13; i.e. 1996 and 1997. ~ ~ Per that future African mask in Peterman's [safari hunter's catalogue] office that is about today's African born number 44 intruder in DC. ~ ~ Which is why Rupert Pumpkin spends 2 years and 9 months in some federal country club prison in Allenwood, Penn; located in the future on Rt.44. ~ ~ Based on the fact that both Barack Obama and Larry David are big time Martha's Vineyard type golfers. ~ ~ Think CADDY SHACK meets MEATBALLS. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ GOLDMEMBER NOTES: In the Steven Spielberg opening of AP: III, a bald Mini Me is smoking a Cuban cigar and firing a Russian issue machine gun.  Which was shot in Utah's "down-winder" radiation fallout region where Clyde Lewis was born. ~ ~ Austin Powers makes today's phony hands up gesture right after we see Eric Holder's fake FBI badge flash, and then the chocolate ass cream monkey falls out of his tree. ~ ~ BIBLE STUDY NOTES: The evil one NAHUM is today's usurper in the CASABLANCA prophecy. Who all of those polite old men in Mormon high society still think is the cat's meow. Ergo, all of those bland white people in GREAT BALLS OF FIRE get pushed aside by The Killer.

Thursday, December 18, 2014


Karl Marx was  an arrogant self righteous know-it-all moronic Jew of course. Ergo, some 56 year-old Jewish lesbian rammed into a crowd of Christians in REV.13:1 Red/ondo Beach, California on the same day that the half Jew half negro born in Africa,  Barack Obama, normalized sexual relations with red Cuba. ~ ~ Too bad Michael Medved and Mark Levin et al are still too politically, culturally, religiously, and intellectually immature to give us the straight talk about Obama murdering Donald Young and so on. ~ ~ Per that 8th season SEINFELD episode where Jerry makes people who are a problem to the new and improved 666 beast disappear. And then we see Steven Carell sitting right behind him in the funeral finale. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ BACK STORY NOTES: See this report just for starters, at: ~ ~ That master of the 1970s revenge movie genre, Charles Bronson, also lived in Redondo Beach. The same place where Tarentino worked at a VHS tape rental shop in the late 80s. ~ ~ BROWN CUBAN CIGAR NOTES WITH A HINT OF CHOCOLATE HOMOGAYSEXUALITY: In the Cuban cigars SEINFELD episode, the boiling hot French blueberry crepes that are rolled by those three illegal alien Cuban darkies blow up in the face of all those high society Manhattanites. ~ ~ MINI ME NOTES: See why this guy looks like a much younger physically transfigured Dr. Eval at: ~ ~ RACIST NOTES: According to Spike Lee and Clyde Lewis et al, you can not be called a racist hater nigger if you have no political powers or influence when it comes to Eric Holder and Barack Obama. God damn it those two are good!! ~ ~ PROPHECY NOTES: The so-called "Cuban Missile Crisis" during the JFK Letterman era was a prophecy about the day 1290 abomination of desolation location in GREAT BALLS OF FIRE meets the 50s movie called HOW I LEARNED TO STOP WORRYING AND LOVE THE BOMB. ~ ~ PS SAVAGE: God warned me in no uncertain terms two nights ago that you and Ken Keisler have about six months left before you get your act in gear. Not to mention Woody Allen, Mel Brooks, and or Larry David. ~ ~ MADONNA NOTES: Reportedly, Madonna believes that yours truly is the leader of the secret masonic illuminati underground plot to rule the world. ~ ~ No wonder I support Mitt Romney to be the President of 2/3rds of America in 16.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014


The main reason why I want Mitt to run in 16 is because it says at that the Mormon church is going to be cleaned up in an instant of an eye. Just like you would swipe off a dirty plate under clean running water. Hence that PRIDE & JOY dish washing soup business card of the two witnesses in ISAIAH 11 and EZE.37 in THE KING OF COMEDY meets SHAMPOO meets ROSEMARY'S BABY. ~  ~ Of course, in order for any of this to happen, my main man Mitt is going to have to sort out his life just like my main man has to do in the SHAUN OF THE DEAD prophecy. Because all of you highly successful arrogant fucks are going to have to humble yourselves and start believing in the eternal principle of modern revelation. ~ ~ "Oh this is so uncomfortable..." to paraphrase Dr. Evil in AP:III. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ SEASON 8 NOTES: At the beginning of SEINFELD's wonderful 8th season, George's wealthy fiance's tombstone says that she died on Megan Fox's birthday in 1996. ~  ~ YADA YADA NOTES: I also saw the one where they let Kramer go because his TCB  news "reports" made no sense at all. On the very same day therefore that the NYT layed off over 100 of it's staff reporters. Who make as much money in one year as the liberal third way Jew who owns and runs the paper makes in one week. Think Jerry Seinfeld meets Larry David in some futuristic bizarro world; when an alien intruder from outerspace named Barack Obama would be the President of America. And the Republican Party and the Mormon church in Utah and Texas would be onboard all the way.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014


Yesterday morning I saw a Larry David look alike at STARBUCKS. Who reminded me that there is still a pile of his used DVDs at PISTOL ANNIE'S for two bucks apiece. ~ ~ So I watched the one last night about Jerry making bootleg indie feature films on the down low in SONY video. Wherein at the end of his revenge movie entitled DEATH BLOW [job] the guy from Hawaii with a bootleg birth certificate "...had it coming..." ~ ~ In the interest of full disclosure, Larry was my age when he made that Woody Allen movie in 09 about him fucking a teenager from Mississippi. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ SHIT HAPPENS NOTES: Only a few hours after seeing AP: III, the one about the chocolate ass cream smeared all over Mini Me's face, that false prophet lunatic who hates white people attacked that LINDT chocolate cafe down under. Since I was sitting on the shitter on the very same morning when the name 'Nicole' suddenly popped out of my butt from nowhere. Of course, the situation ended with all of those brain dead white zombies walking out with their hands up. ~ ~ I-35 NOTES: There is a reason why the 35ish Elaine looked 29ish in the crazy ass 8th season of SEINFELD. See episodes 1&2 if you doubt me on this.

Monday, December 15, 2014


Most of today's white Caucasian Ephraimites are much more pissed off, and frankly fascinated, by how conservative Jews like Michael Medved and Dick Cheney are sweeping the truth under the Persian rug when it comes to the one with the stolen SS number of the beast in REV.13. ~ ~ But it gets worse. Last I heard, Glenn Beck doesn't really give a shit if gays are allowed to get married in places like Texas and Utah. ~ ~ In other words, Barack Obama's forged birth certificate is the thangy that says it all right now. ~ ~  GSR\/TWN ~ ~ FASCINATING PENIS NOTES: The Killer blows a big pink CADDY car air bag bubble when we first see the blond southern bel with big tits who represents Megan Fox in 1989's GREAT BALLS OF FIRE prophecy; at around 11:58 minutes on my used DVD. ~ ~ TYPICAL HOLLYWOOD ASSHOLE NOTES: In this market, I could wave a couple of million in after-tax cash money under the big noses of those two Coen brothers and they would be video taping their sure bet sequel to THE BIG LEWDBOWSKI theme movie starting first of February, at the latest. Big money talks, boredom walks. ~ ~ FDRJFKMLKLBJ NOTES: Cat napping on my sofa bed yesterday after a big guacamole and corn chips dinner at 7:45 pm, the distinctive voice of David Lettermen said "I didn't see it coming." ~ ~ That's right Bruce Troxell and Kenny Kemp. Both of you losers are going to be making very professional, high quality documentary movies for THE DISCOVERY CHANNEL about the lost tribes of Israel, and you're gonna like it; all expenses paid of course. ~ ~ LONG TERM INVESTMENT NOTES: If I were you, I would snatch up every single Ken McLeod cutthroat trout artwork scetch painting that is on the market right now. Because now is the time to get out of the market while the getting is still good. ~ ~ Which reminds me, whoever now owns that herring on a Seattle newspaper oil that was gifted to my stepfather Leslie Winn, is now your typical Seattle style easy money multi millionaire. I just hope that he or she can hang onto it until I have the money enough to buy it. And not let it fall into the unworthy hands of some stranger for half the price that it is worth. ~ ~ That's right bitches, anybody who ever touched my life while I was growing up in North Seattle is now worth their weight in gold; in terms of book deals and movie rights. Which would also include all of my LDS missionary companions in Italy. ~ ~ Let the bullshit begin, just as long as I get a slice of the action . Think MI:III meets ROMA: II&III, if the money is right of course, don't be rediculious. ~ ~ Last night I dreamed that Ornella Fresh could not decide if she wanted to give me a sexy AP:II type neck massage, or strangle my neck from behind . Either way, she would give me a sexual orgasm choke job that felt so good that I would probably never forget her for the rest of my physically transfigured life. ~ ~ PS VINCE VAUGHN: Now I finally understand what you were trying to tell me in your breakout SWINGERS movie about me being money. ~ ~ Better late than never.