Monday, April 27, 2015


The niggers rioted outside of the baseball stadium in Baltimore in confirmation of THE FOUNDATION's opening; wherein George tells Susan, who died on Megan Fox's birthday, that the YANKEES beat the birds in a 4-game sweep clean-up job. Because that violent and out control nigger who got his stiff neck broken by the white people police represented MLK JR who got shot in the neck by a white deer hunter in Memphis, Egypt, USA. ~ ~ Bottom line, the anti white christian Jew media is going to get the wrong end of the stick on this one; per: ~ ~ According to the invasion of lost Israel prophecy in EZE.38, blackie fucks whitie, whitie wakes up, then whitie makes his big comeback and fucks blackie back. ~ ~ Oh yeah; "This is a gun. It shoots straight. See Harper shoot straight." [HARPER] ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ 1960S LAUGH IN NOTES: ~ ~ Note how the rebellious holy ghost wanna be demon talks back to Bob Larson. Which is significantly different from when the LDS Priesthood does it. Wherein the homogaysexual spirits keep their big mouths shut and come out immediately and leave the room without saying a thing. ~ ~ Also see this high school exorcism video at: ~ ~ Since Bonnie Lake's Bishop Larson is also the Principle of a public school on the more culturally diverse south side of Seattle. Think EVERYBODY LOVES RAYMON, and you get it. ~ ~ You are God damn right, the Mormon church is the only true church in the world by half, relatively speaking. ~ ~ MOP UP NOTES: Mr.Plan B fell down and wounded his head for a born again Nepal Buddhist 7-years X Nazi movie thing in REV.13. ~ ~ You try to stop me, I stop you, and you like it. ~ ~ "Sorry about that wack on the head..." paraphrasing THE BIG LEBOWSKI. ~ ~ 2015 NOTES: Back in 1996, Cosmo was riding to his Chinatown martial arts class in the backseat of Rene Zellweger's look alike [Mrs.Z] car full of physically transfigured kids, circa April 25, 2015. ~ ~ Less I forget, here is what it is all about today at: ~ ~ And don't let some neocon talk radio Jew fuck try to tell you anything different. ~ ~ BOOGIE NIGHTS NOTES: When yours truly shows up in the third act with some of my future girlfriend stars who look like boys, you will know that I AM will be making all of my feature length movies around San Francisco Bay on video. ~ ~ Not that there is anything wrong with that. ~ ~ PS BRAD PITT: The reason why God gave you that little Senator Reid type tap on the side of your head is because you are still bitching about my ideas about co-starring in my restored vintage 91' sailboat sequel ideas for THE BIG LEBOWSKI:II. ~ ~ I do realize how harsh this all sounds. But dude, both Emma Watson and Kristen Stewart have already signed off on the script, if the money is right, yet not a peep out of you. ~ ~ Probably because your wife won't let you do it. So dump the bitch, and join the living.

Sunday, April 26, 2015


OUT magazine et al have been outing gays during the special era of the two witnesses for a sign from God that all of those homo spirits getting outed at BOB LARSON MINISTRIES is the real thing. ~ ~ Think GHOST BUSTERS meets ROSEMARY'S BABY. ~ ~ Ergo, the current leader of the Mormon church off of 214th in Bonnie Lake, Washington is Bishop Larson. ~ ~ And that is a good thing. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ BOXING DAY NOTES: The big boxing match is about this latinoish dude getting knocked out by me fucking Miley and Cara on my tied-up 50 shades of grey sailboat at WOLF MARINA in Seattle, at: ~ ~ Note the navy blue RL POLO top and the 42 months iPAD icon. ~ ~ TGIF NOTES: Mr. Jenny came out officially on a Muslim mosk services Friday for a reason. ~ ~ I mean think about it. You could put all of those depressed and suicidal secular liberal nonobservant Jews who run the three networks and the NYT into one ordinary size conference room. ~ ~ PS SEINFELD: Those boathouse love shacks for rent in LOST BOYS:2 represent my boathouse on Sag Harbor, Long Island; that you failed to provide for me; even on a temporary bridge loan construction/production basis. ~ ~ Guess it's now time to get my movie moneys from Jennifer Aniston's PLAN B front company located in North Hollywood, LA. ~ ~ Don't laugh, even AMAZON's motion picture tv studio head is now living in some million dollar beach shack in Malibu.

Saturday, April 25, 2015


Hillary Clinton once claimed that she was named after the first man who climbed Mt. Everest. Where that Chicago style mega quake just happened right before high noon. ~ ~ So much for today's warm and fuzzy fascism that is the force behind the Buddhist peace-love-&-harmony politics of actors like Richard Gere and Brad Pitt. ~ ~ During this time when all of the Peterman sons of Israel have become "burnt out" and escaped to their own private Buddhist Burma. ~ ~ And Elain is now thinking like Hillary Clinton thinks in THE FOUNDATION episode. Wherein she declares that all she would need to run the White House is "...a pair of pants, a stupid story..." ~ ~ So later in the 1260 days season in THE SOUL MATE episode, George complains, "...I'm about to become the target of a systematic process of intimidation and manipulation..." at the foundation. ~ ~ While holding a jumbo size yellow Asian man M&M chocolate in his hand that stands for Barack Obama; the president with the bad sounding name. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ THE STATUE NOTES: Bruce Jen/ner is the complete fulfilment of the Greek homogaysexual Olympics' REV.17 woman idol in THE STATUE episode. Google 'gay demon possession' for a look at some videos about men who are convinced that they are a woman. ~ ~ Give me a brake and have some respect. You know how much I love to fuck chicks who look like dudes, like at: ~ ~ At least I AM is honest and up front about it. And not pretending to be a woman.

Friday, April 24, 2015


Last night I watched the 1260 days era episode from 1996's SEINFELD season entitled THE FOUNDATION. After hearing so much about how the Clinton's white-trailor-trash foundation is your typical third world [African mask] operation for laundering political influence money. ~ ~ Let me sum it up this way; the current White House HBO series actress plays a woman who is not even qualified enough to run the J. PETERMAN company. But she goes ahead anyway and tries to because Cosmo said so. Who at the time was beating up on all of the little people in his [NAPOLEON DYNAMITE] Karate classes for little kids in Preston, Idaho. ~ ~ And then the first thing she does once she gets into office is put that BIG BROWN third world philosophy Mexican 'urban sombraro' on the cover of the catalogue. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ TEN LITTLE INDIANS NOTES: Those foolish ten Republicans who voted for the negro woman named Lynch were a last days of disco ten virgins confirmation. Per that high school stage collapse in Hamilton County on the same day. For example, exactly 5 minutes before I finished watching LOST BOYS:2, there was a 4.2 in Bonner County, Idaho along Rt.2, right outside of Hope. Wherein yours truly role plays the 2007 made move's young lady's killer. ~ ~ ACTOR WORKSHOP NOTES: Yeah yeah, whatever, I know; the best roles for middle aged guys are always supposedly the antagonistic villain. ~ ~ LOST BOYS: THE TRIBE NOTES: My 17ish looking sister in this movie is played by a very young looking Ariana Grande. Who has a crescent moon [Luna Bay] tattoo on her very tasty looking neck, like at:

Thursday, April 23, 2015


5 foolish virgins who were studying 666 nursing in Bulloch County, Georgia died in another 7-car pile on yesterday, GSR/TWN post local time. Because their statism medicine school for socialist thieves and con men was located in Statesboro, due west of Julia Robert's Rt.17 landmark called Egypt. ~ ~ Don't miss the fact that it happen on REVELATION I-16 near Fort [Kristen] Stewart; yada yada. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ REPETITIOUS Ă‘OTES: The boiling mad Tea Party water starts to scream when Jerry finally realizes that Will Ferrell et al had stolen his STATUE OF LIBERTY lady. ~ ~ PS HOWARD: The best part of your coffee and cars bit with Gary was that "PEACE, LOVE, AND HARMONY" Tee that your wife forced you to wear for the show. ~ ~ LADDYKILLERS:2 NOTES: The same Sunday I watched it, reports came out about two [BANDIT QUEEN] cruise ships experiencing severe day 1290 cases of irritable bowel syndrome; commonly called 'Montezuma's Revenge'. ~ ~ PS STEVEN FRESH: I do hope that you are getting your house in order for when the time comes when my very sexy and sophisticated French exwife comes over and plays your live-in nurse for a year or two. I know I can't wait to fuck your exwife too; the sooner the better. ~ ~ I don't know if you know this, but you were the one who turned me on to the used 1974 GTV ALFA in the first place. When you took me on that 3rd gear ALFA ROMEO dealer test drive along 72nd in Midvale, Utah. And your wife was sitting in the front seat, and me and my wife were sitting in the back 2+2 seat.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015


In the 1260 days 1996 made movie called ANOTHER 9&1/2 WEEKS, we learn that Elizabeth Hurley died from a love drug overdose after her last lover fucked her in the ass. As just confirmed by PEOPLE's new cover featuring Sandra Bullock. Who also got fucked in the ass by some stranger who God had hired for that very same purpose. ~ ~ Hello Sean Penn. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ SEINFELD SIGNS: In THE APARTMENT episode, 1991, George asks Jerry, "How does the baldness fit into the plan?" ~ ~ In THE STATUE, Jerry opens the show with a stand up guy type aside for the NYT in 2015; "Have some guts... come out with the truth... just tell people the truth one time." Later, the yellow plastic dish soap bottle represents that clean plate prophecy at that was a stand up joke in THE KING OF COMEDY prophecy about the two witnesses. ~ ~ Note that Will Ferrell shows up at the corner D&C 86 MONKS coffee shop to meet Jerry in a David Letterman jacket from the 1957s. ~ ~ LADYKILLER NOTES: G.H.PHD. jokes about Obama et al blowing the Jewish limousine chauffeur's horn in DANIEL way back before we ever heard anything about Larry Sinclair blowing Barry in the backseat of a limo in north Chicago; during his Christian church gosple choir years. ~ ~ AMBER ALERT NOTES: Darling, sweetheart, I want you to take real good care of " special boy." [Dr.Evil] ~ ~ Oh yeah, that is a disguised Chloe Moretz brunet wig figure who rolls in the breakfast cart in the beginning of 9&1/2 WEEKS. I.e. if my older wives with fake tits don't quite do it for me right now, I can always go to plan B. ~ ~ So what, everyone supposedly gets paid on the back end anyway these days in Hollywood. That's why all of the direct to TV video Internet movie action has moved up to Seattle. Where you can get a few nice big ones in tax free cash up front for your next project; no questions asked. And who gives a flying fuck if the film makes a profit or not. ~ ~ When was the last time that the bald dude in AP:II meets ever showed a profit?.. "It's just all on paper..." [Bill Gates] ~ ~ EXCEPTION TO THE RULE NOTES: Don't expect Miley Cyrus to star in your 27-years-old Janis Joplin biopic plans unless and until you are willing and able to pay her the full six figure amount up front. ~ ~ Something like this only comes along once in a life time, like at: ~ ~ PS HOWARD STERN: I didn't plan it that way, but the first comedians and coffee shop [STARBUCKS] episode that I ever saw the other day was the one about you telling Jerry that it was no fun making TV Internet video movies and shows. ~ ~ Dude, you looked pretty stressed and worn out. Perhaps it's time to take a week or 9 off and go spend some quality time with your much younger hot tall blond wife while scouting out locations in the Seattle area for some kind of a sailboat swingers sex movie about older folks trying to spice up their lagging marriages.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015


In the 1991 SEINFELD episode entitled THE STATUE, America's STATUE OF LIBERTY has become a Greek goddess idol that gets smashed in the end; thereby lifting the oppressive weight of Jewish style democratic fascism from off of George's shoulders ~ ~ Which the look alike Will Ferrell says he found in a CHINATOWN pawn shop that was a prelude to me finding the used 1990s SEINFELD series at some pawn shop for guns in Bonnie Lake, Washington, circa 2015. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ DEER HUNTER NOTES: A rogue christian apostate father of 7 was killer by a deer in Marathon County, Wisconsin last [Joe] Friday. For the county's [Tom] Brokaw NYC landmark located east of Little Chicago. Where the Big Rib River flows down east of Athens and Milan, at: ~ ~ Like it says in the Bible, the Antichrist 666ers will be apostate Christians. And not just the followers of the false prophet and the dragon in the middle east, who deny that Jesus is Lord. And scoff at the idea that I am in fact the long awaited 12 tribes I-man with the 'I' scar on my forehead. ~ ~ HARSH REALITY TV NOTES: Last week I read that Seinfeld was using classic cars in his coffee and comedians series. So I watched one or two of them for the first time last night. [Somehow I always thought that the Internet show was pay-per-view.] ~ ~ Oh, okay, I get it now. There is a Divine reason and plan for my 30ish years obsession with the 1974 ALFA VELOCE. ~ ~ WOW, there is definitely a reason why Jerry is looking like a 57ish Humphrey Bogart these days. Per Kramer's iconic 57 CHEVY sofa in his 5th floor apartment.