Friday, February 27, 2015


THE REPLACEMENT KILLERS is a White Horse Prophecy about the Republican Party being replaced by the Chinatown Tea Party. As in, "I invented the air quotation [MLK] marks." to paraphrase my Dr.Evil antichrist sidekick anti hero in AUSTIN POWERS:I,II,III. ~ ~ Who eventually turned out to be my beloved long lost half brother in the end. ~ ~ What? ~ ~ SEE: ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ BIBLE STUDY NOTES: Since there is no Antichrist NWO prophecy in REVELATION or DANIEL, one has to assume that the bad guy in the last days has to be some kind of an anti [Christ] christian anti Mormon figure. ~ ~ ANTI MORMON NOTES: All of you gay ass apostate Christians out there have no business criticising the neo masonite Mormon church. That is my job, not your job. Those who live in glass houses should not throw stones, yada yada. ~ ~ Most of you little short fuckers would have to stand on a stool just to kiss my ass. ~ ~ P.S. MS WATSON: Wage equality is Brown University style neo fascism, as explained quite clearly at: ~ ~ Please stop bothering me with this kind of pop culture new world order UN doggie poop. Or I AM is gonna have to make you go back to school and start all over again; like in GREASE:2 meets GREASE:I. ~ ~ BANK OF CANADA NOTES: You let me continue to say bad things about homosexuals and communist negros, I let you stay in business and prosper. Otherwise we have no deal; I'll take my money elsewhere. ~ ~ You are not the only hockey game in town. ~ ~ Which is the nice thing about having more than one wife.

Thursday, February 26, 2015


The big joke in FULL METAL JACKET goes clear back to all those ironic "Army Intelligence" jokes in the SAD SACK comic books that I grew up reading in Seattle at STRICTMAN'S PHARMACY in the U District. ~ ~ Flash forward to today's dirty little secret DHS bill that allows millions of illegals to enter the country along side disease carrying terrorists and you get the phony balony plastic banana good time rock'n roll picture. ~ ~ Even that picture of Madonna falling down backwards that was confirmation of the falling Madonna in GODFATHER: III during the mob boss assassination scenario in Little Italy meets Chinatown meets Bill O'Reilly meets Glenn Beck meets Mel Gibson meets Clyde Lewis et al. ~ ~ Yeah right, Obama was born in Hawaii and his draft registration card is real. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ LOW NOTES: This comic book for little boys image dipicts Sad Sack getting his brown nose sucked by another brown skinned guy while he is getting fucked in the butt by the army of Sodom and Egypt in REV.11 at: ~ ~

Wednesday, February 25, 2015


That train wreck near El Rio happened on Dia de LA Bandera, at: AND: ~ ~ No wonder we see the White Horse Prophecy in THE TAYLOR OF PANAMA after the little alphabet cookies eating girl recites her tiger [golfer] beast poem. ~ ~ Hence, the above disaster happened in the same area where they shot the HARPER prophecy about the invading illegal aliens in EZE.38, etc. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ PATRIARCH BLESSING NOTES: In my inspired Patriarch Blessing it says that all my friends will try to be like me and start talking plainly. For example, Joe Bi/den finally came out and admitted in public that he believes that Mussolini and Hitler and the insanely funny Jewish Karl Marx Brothers in the 20s and 30s were not completely crazy. ~ ~ SEXY TIME OUT NOTES: I found something called THE YOUNG VICTORIA at THE CHECKOUT on Tuesday. Gonna have to get back to you on this one; kind of busy right now. ~ ~ THREEWAY FREEWAY I-95 PILE-UP NOTES: Last night I watched THE GODFATHER: III, as confirmed by that HEAPS OF PIZZA cars pile-on up in Etna, Maine; shaped like the cut off head of my dog bitch if you turn your map upside down. ~ ~ MAP NOTES: That crazy unpredictable island paradise volcano down in Socialist Sicily is caller Etna. Hence my exwife's given templer name in 74. [Sicilians tend to be on the short side and have darkish skin like Martin Scorsese and the old aging star of THE GODFATHER: I,II,III. ~ ~ See what I mean? ~ Maine is shaded like an upside down cut-off dog head. ~ ~ NOT WORTHY NOTES: I may not be good enough yet to play Jesus in prime time; but I AM is still better than the current Mel Gibson wanna-be cult religion Pope in Rome. ~ ~ In other words, you con me out of my tithing money on those 666 big ones that I launder through your tax free charity bank, no fucky sucky for you. ~ ~ CHICAGO NOTES: Hope I'm not repeating myself, but last year I dreamed that the two witnesses' earthquake in REV.16 happens just west of Aurora, Illinois; per those two smiley cloud movies at: ~ ~ NO WORRIES NOTES: It is now time to stop worrying about whatever those creepy homosexual Jews and black skin negros are now doing in the Washington, DC based media. ~ You already have won the latte-day saints civil war on a spiritual and political level. Be humble in your new victory, and let me and my loyal patriotic unionist 666 thugs take out the garbage. ~ ~ There is always a right way and a wrong way to do things. ~ ~ Even my famous physically transfigured ham actor protagonist in GODFATHER:III warned about acting too soon, per D&C 86. "We will sell no [jug] wine before it's time." [Orson Welles] ~ ~ In other words, you pay me a 10% skim on my 600 big ones investment in the Vatican bank, I still do not kill you for thinking that two male cousins getting married to each other is right. ~ ~

Tuesday, February 24, 2015


That train wreck near El Rio, California was for the Lamanite director of BIRDMAN who believes that anyone who swims across the Rio Grand deserves to become a full blooded American. Contrary to what it says in DAN.9 about the borders and the fences of the American New Jerusalem being build up again. In order to keep out all of those dark skinned gangsta communists like the ones in Woody Allen's BANANAS prophecy. ~ ~ See the huge sweet tasting REV.10 truffle in THE BLOOB that only my sexy virgin teenager wives saw coming at first, at: ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ RAT FINK NOTES: Looks like that rat from Harlem was ratted out by some Black Irish half Jew on the same day that Rat Boy died, at: AND: AND: ~ ~ POLITICAL WONK NOTES: Most of the high society wonks in the Republican Party support amnesty for wetback illegal aliens. That's why my smart-set in-crowd readers call it the third way. Talk about the underground unseen illuminati templers who are about to take over the Throne of England. Not to mention almost all of America's submarine fleet. ~ ~ This being the weak link in Washington, DC's military chain of command. You never know what those hardy SAILOR DOG dudes are up to when they park their underwater boats someplace on the other side of the world, and then cut off all radio communications. ~ ~ Oh yeah, Big Brother's computer based in DC, that naively relies on 1980s Reagan era computer technology, would absolutely prevent them from launching their multi-warhead missiles. ~ ~ Anybody here ever seen the 007 prophecy called FOR YOUR EYES ONLY? ~ ~ SPOKEN WORD NOTES: I will only attack my gog magog enemies of Israel once I receive the exact longitude-latitude coordinates target solution in confirmed spoken-word revelations from the School of Prophets hiding out in Salem, Utah. ~ ~ BLACK HISTORY MONTH NOTES: That infamous 19666s MLK JR. speech in DC about 'cashing the check' was finally confirmed today. Better late than never.

Monday, February 23, 2015


What did you expect? God didn't mean it when MY Crown Prince of England figure is initiated into the new world order with the secret Masonic templer "Bird!!" hand sign at the end of GREASE:II meets THE BIRDMAN OF ALCTRAZ?? ~ ~ Guess it's now WHISKY A GO GO back to school time. ~ ~ Ergo, the above movie was directed by a LA/man/ite man from Mexico who has been cursed with a dark skin. Because such apostate white Christians like Mel Gibson are still shitting on the BM. ~ ~ Not to mention the fact that Glenn Beck et al are still pissing all over those little simple minded people out there in JIFFY LUBE franchise land who beleive that the US Constitution actually means what it says. ~ ~GSR/TWN - - HUH? NOTES: The other night, I dreamed that Sienna Miller was ignoring me again just like in my prophetic dream date with her type in CONFESSIONS OF A DANEROUS MIND. ~ ~ And of course in the end, we see that she was just pretending. All is well that ends well, yada yada. ~ ~ Like for example, I dreamed the other day that Charlie Theron liked watching me fucking Kristen Stewart. So then I watched THE ITALIAN JOB on OSCARS Sunday and saw her say to me, "Didn't I tell you I never want to see you again?" ~ ~ IT'S NOT OVER YET NOTES: Charlie Theron tells me in THE ITALIAN JOB, 2003, that she trusts Sean Penn, but she does not trust the devil inside of him. ~ ~ BFD NOTES: Chelsea Handler really does have nice tits. But don't push your luck baby. I can get very dangerous when I get bored out of my mind and insulted. ~ ~ Besides, Elizabeth Hurley's tits still look better than your good looking tits look even on a bad day; not to mention Lindsay Logan. ~ ~ NEW DEAL NOTES: I want to make the LAST TANGO IN PARIS:2 remake sequal prequel in the very same apartment where I lived in Roma as an FFing RLDS missionary from San Diego, California. ~ ~ In other words, you make that happen for me, I make ISIS dissappear and go away. Get the picture? ~ ~ DOLCE VITA NOTES: I know how things work in Italy. You buy me my missionary man apartment where I lived in Siena, I pay you full price for it on the side in tax free cash. ~ ~ Don't worry, the international IRS Internet's days are numbered. Pretty soon, there will be no income tax laws in places like Texas and Utah. Not to mention the three western providences of Canada meets Alaska. ~ ~ Don't worry, I'll deal with England's Marxist labor party problem when the time is right. ~ ~ In other words, when I get what I want, then you get what you want. [Figure at least 3k for my Tonkin bamboo cane soft-action dry-fly rod with antique fly-reel that was featured in Woody Allen's English made movie called SCOOP.

Sunday, February 22, 2015


The half-Jewish Barack Obama back-stabbing nigger from the north is now role playing the man of the north in Viet Nam who hated western white people like Stonewall Jackson and Senator Cruz. ~ ~ At least that is what it says in the BOOK OF MORMON. Wherein sometimes even the Israelite Latinos were more white than the Nephites; metaphorically speaking. ~ ~ For example, that partially Jewish 27ish kid who finally gets a date with the naive and foolish looking ten year old ET virgin Drew Barrymore looks like some kind of a shaved-face Arab weirdo who is a dangerous member of some [hairy beast] sleeper cell hiding out in America; just waiting to strike when the time is right. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ MIRAMAX MOVIE NOTES: Those two Jewish New Jersey middle-class parents in MY DATE WITH DREW looked like the Weinsteins. ~ ~ SEE: ~ ~ P.S. PAUL ALLAN MEETS WOODY ALLEN: Don't worry about dumping a boat load of money on me and my sexy underaged teenager wives even if you don't have the time to read any of my rather numerous and variuosly optioned screenplays. ~ ~ Remember, you owe me, I don't owe you. ~ ~ Here's the new deal. You give me all of the after-tax cash that you and the boys made in the past 42 months; we call it even Steven. Plus, I throw in a long time flirty-fucking date with Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman just to sweeten the deal. ~ ~ That I can do. ~ ~ LAST DAYS NOTES: I'm probably going to make LAST TANGO IN PARIS: II first, recast with Cara Delevigne and maybe Lindsay Logan. Because now I get to do whatever I want with whoever I want. Trust me, I won't scew it up. You'll get your money back.

Saturday, February 21, 2015


That is nonother than today's Asian raised Barack Obama on the "CON O BEN" beer billboard in the famous Asian whore scene in FULL METAL JACKET [condom] sceen at about 47:33 minutes. Think the Irish Catholic Conan O'Brien meets the Irish Catholic Bill O'Really, and you get the picture. ~ ~ Ergo the iconic Reagan era film's abomination of desolation ending; completely filmed in the UK. Where it eventually opened on the prophetic date of 9.11 in 1987. ~ ~ Not good enough for you? ~ ~ How about the upcoming elections in Israel are scheduled for St. Patrick's Day. ~ ~ Still nothing? ~ ~ Saint Patty's Day commemorates the day when all of the half Jew fuck snakes were driven out of Ireland. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ JERRY LEWIS NOTES: Hopefully, it will say "I never voted for Obama" on Jerry Lewis' granite tombstone. ~ ~ DATING TIPS: A snoopy dog named Miss P took the crown at Westminster this year. In confirmation of Drew Barrymore's SNOOPY SNO-CONE gift at the end of MY DATE WITH DREW. That was a prophetic representation of the gifts that the insane worldly theater people exchange with each other in REV.11. ~ ~ TROPHEY FOR BEST FUCK NOTES: Kristen Stewart wore a cloud 9 temple dress at that [French kiss] awards show, for her new sexy cloud movie at: AND: ~ ~ Where we see her sitting on my footstool next to my French style sofa throne. Note the link's Providential leadership number 240; which represents the royal Davidian code blood line of Christ. ~ ~ For example, see the cool rider blood lines on this 1974 ALFA that are like the blood red cross of England on Miranda Kerr's extremely nice and fuckable face in HARPER, at: ~ ~ Yeah I know, there is no such thing as bad pussy. Too bad you can't say that about the face. ~ ~ Otherwise, everyone would be equal, Adolf Hitler style. No quirky unique individuality, no nothing; just the same old bland vanilla ice cream gruel for desert; day after day, year after year, decade after decade. ~ ~ SPECIAL MENTION NOTES: Pierce Bronson went to Hawaii and French kissed his ugly overweight wife for a sign from God that both of them are going to end up looking like they did when they first got married. Note the GREASE 2 laua lava volcano context, circa 2015, at: ~ ~ AND: