Friday, July 25, 2014


Last night I dreamed that Ken Kemp invited me to an LDS singles party. Where I mingled for awhile and then stepped out onto the backyard patio to chat with a nice looking 29ish blond babe. ~ ~ Then I saw an underground tunnel opening back there that had obviously been dug all the way from Gaza to America; which looked large enough to smuggle in an A-bomb or something. ~ ~ Whatever, we all just stripped down and climbed into the hot tub. ~ ~ Now that I think about it, that beach party tunnel which collapsed on top of Adam Pye in Half Moon Bay was probably a Crescent Moon thing. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ POKER FACE NOTES: Seriously now, no jokering, the sexiest poker face out there right now is at: ~ ~ I dare you to guess what she is thinking. ~ ~ LA COSA NOSTRA NOTES: You will see it coming. Only after you finally realize and admit that you did not see it coming. ~ ~ INTERCONNECTED SERIES OF TUNNELS NOTES: Guess which one of the swinging three-way Austin Powers trilogy movies makes a prophetic reference to all of those underground movie notes about those GROUNDHOG DAY tunnels that are being discovered in Gaza right now. ~ ~ WILDEST DREAMS NOTES: Last night I dreamed that I was at a tony party in London, where a very friendly and nice guy Prince Charles was standing beside me. ~ ~ But when I went to the two bathrooms at one point, one of the toilets was missing, and the other toilet was so full of crap that it was stuck up and overflowing. And then the Lord told me that both of them were no good anymore. So I went outside and just peed into a garbage can out back. ~ ~ JOKER NOTES: My sidekick wants to bring more illegal underaged virgin teenagers into America because he knows how much that gets under the skin of all those white people in Utah who know that the BOOK OF MORMON is a true prophecy about the dark skinned people. ~ ~ Why go underground when you can always go for at least tourist class? And force all of those non Jew white people in America to pay for your plane ticket and hotel expenses to boot. ~ ~ CLIFF NOTES FOR POPULISTS: The NWO conspiracy is a false flag style false doctrine. Don't worry. There is no credible plot out there right now that seeks to eliminate your precious 666 Social Security and Medicare idols. ~ ~

Thursday, July 24, 2014


If you got those killer dimples, and you got that killer smile, then I got the time. ~ ~ Ergo, last night I watched ENOUGH SAID, and then the next day I saw those look alike reports about Ariana Grande's grandpa passing away. Who looked just like that legendary home video tape birthday boy magician in a Las Vegas retirement home, at: ~ ~ "You don't fuck the face." just might be one of the dumbest expressions left over from the 1950s. That tried to justify men fucking ugly women. Like that stuck up tony cunt figure in the above movie. Who is still bad mouthing me to this day. ~ ~ Just like the girl next door. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ ENOUGH NOTES: My egg plant pasta chef in ENOUGH SAID was the same actor who knew how to deal with his enemies in the popular HBO series about La Cosa Nostra. ~ ~ Speaking of my beloved sidekick and drinking buddy in the White House. Never in my life have I ever spoken a false word or spread any false rumors about him. ~ ~ NOTES FOR LIARS: The Pope is infallible. The president of the Mormon church receives revelations. Barack Obama was born in Hawaii. Senator McCain is a conservative. The NYT is not biased, nor is NBC and CNN. Hollywood is not run by the Jews. 911 was a false flag plot orchestrated by the New World Order. Michael Moore is a good Catholic. Social Security is a legitimate constitutionally legal concept; and so is the Civil Rights Act of 1964. MLK's graduate thesis was not plagiarized. Black niggers are no different than white niggers. All toilet paper is the same thing, no matter the significant price-point differential. CABLE GUY was a bad movie. BlUE JASMINE was a great movie. Homosexuality is just as normal as today's mormon church in Salt Lake City, Utah. Joseph Smith did not like to fuck virgin teenagers, no way. Chloe Moretz and Hailee Signfeld do not want me to fuck both of them at the same time on my 91' yacht either. Neither does her underaged TAXI DRIVER forerunner actress Jodie Foster figure want to get her brains raped by my Steve Gray figure in 50 SHADES OF GRAY. ~ ~ 666 BRIDGE TO THE FUTURE NOTES: The prophetic 1950s movie entitled THE BRIDGE ON THE RIVER KWAI was a prophecy about Hwy.410's bridge over Angeline Road in Bonney Lake, Washington. Which is marked with the birth certificate years of Miranda Kerr and Miley Cyrus; i.e. 1983 and 1992. See: ~ ~ HOME MOVIE POPCORN RECIPE: Always pop your popcorn in a big two gallon hat cast iron pot; using only virgin olive oil of course. Then season and shake it up to taste with white pepper, powdered oregano, sea salt, and a touch of granulated garlic. If you can do this for me, I promise you that you will get laid even before the movie ends. ~ ~ NEWS REEL NOTES: I don't get it. What is so hard to understand about the Russians shooting down plane loads of homosexuals?

Wednesday, July 23, 2014


Everything that happens at Half Moon Bay in California has always been associated somehow with Charlize Theron; located on your atlas due north of San Gregorio. ~ ~ For the latest example, a guy named Adam was inspired by Adam [the Holy Ghost] to dig his own ten foot deep grave on the beach there and bury himself alive in the sands of the beast that rises up from the sea in REV.13:1, per: ~ ~ Sounds like a Steve Gray escape bit to me. ~ ~ Whatever, the above report's 35 minute time-line refers to the 35 longitude line that divides Israel/Texas in half for the 50/50 half and half prophecy about the ten virgins in MATT 25 ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ J2 NOTES: Yeah I know, the above dude looks a lot like J2. But don't get too carried away with this. I don't want him to get all freaked out and ban me from posting on his various BB threads. ~ ~ RAIN MAN NOTES: The rains came down hard in Seattle right after my sidekick's vist to Jewish Medina, Washington in confirmation of my ISAIAH 58:11 post. Where a major Jesus loves you revival is about to happen. ~ ~ New readers take note. The RAIN MAN prophecy was about what happens when you eat nothing but white flour shit and then you make a baby who is totally crazy. ~ ~ ADAM NOTES: The original tv Batman was played by Adam West, of course. California being the land of fruits and nuts. ~ ~ Oh yeah, the rather tall 85 year-old dude is a Jew, per these pix that don't lie, at: ~ ~ And so is Bonney Lake's Brother Gillespie figure who I see driving around town in his mint condition 1947 straight-8 BUICK featured in AP: III, etc. etc. ~ ~ HISTORY BOOK NOTES: The ongoing historic wildfires around Lake Chelan represent the deep lake's representation of the snake that eats the delicious red apples there; which are mostly bland and tasteless, circa JACOB 5. Because right there is The Devil's Backbone landmark, next to the Angels Ridge landmark, north of 727' Wenatchee.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014


My long lost overweight buddy Nyle Smith migrated from Utah to the Lewis & Clark law school in Portland for a prophetic latter-day saints reason. In order that you tony high society morons might also have a little more consideration and patience for AM radio's night time microphone jockey Clyde Lewis. ~ ~ You're God damn right he saw an underaged juvenile Big Foot last weekend in the Conboy Lake National Wildlife Refuge area. ~ ~ What? Are you completely fucking nuts or something? ~ ~ Didn't you see that latest poll result on that documented how approximately 40% of all Americans have now read Sheriff Joe's report about Obama's computer generated birth certificate? ~ ~ Don't tell me. You're too good to go on the dirty filthy Internet and find out what is really going on out there. ~ ~ Admit it; you are out of your element these days. And you need my help; which is what friends are for, relatively speaking. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ BIRTHDAY BOY NOTES: My older brother was born on 7.17; and that's a good thing, relatively speaking. ~ ~ Who spent some time in the 19666s living on a hippie farm commune near Pam Anderson's current farm house property on Vancouver Island, British Columbia. Where the winter cabbages are the size of Tennessee watermelons in late summer, and the pot smoking sex is just, well, unbelievable. Talk about getting the munchies.

Monday, July 21, 2014


Steve Gray burns his arm of flesh on Judah's ten virgins birthday for a reason in THE INCREDIBLE BURT WONDERSTONE prophecy. ~ ~ What? You don't go to the movies anymore because you might be offended by their tone? ~ ~ Then how about you bend over and grab your ankles and let my trusty sidekick fuck you in ass just a little bit longer? Like about 70 weeks. ~ ~ Cry "UNCLE!!" when you have finally had enough and I will see to it that he knocks it off and leaves you alone. ~ ~ What are friends for anyway? ~ ~ You make me feel good, I make you feel good. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ D&C 133 NOTES: All of those prophets among the lost tribes of Israel in the north countries have been saying that Hillary Clinton is going to be instrumental in cleaning up the abominable mess that Barack Obama is making. ~ ~ For example, that hot air birthday balloon caught fire in Clinton, Mass because that is the same county where TUPPERWARE is located; soon to be a major motion picture starring Sandra Bullock. ~ ~ YES MAM NOTES: Jim Carrey's inspired YES MAN movie was a timely portrait about today's cultish love guru Mormons who have become nothing more than a bunch of pussy whipped yes men. ~ ~ ATLAS MAP NOTES: Clinton is located just above Berlin. For today's new and improved RLDS church in the CARNIVAL OF SOULS prophecy. Which is now being dominated by that democratic socialist pilot from Germany. ~ ~ Think THE AVIATOR meets PEARL HARBOR; filmed in Barack Obama's adopted home state of Hawaii. "Surprise surprise!!" Fat Bastard in AP:II. ~ ~ BIG TIME MOVIE PRODUCER NOTES: I need Jim Carrey and Mike Myers to set aside their legendary Hollywood egos and make a comedy duo picture for me. Al a Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis. ~ ~ And it better have lots of 19ish beauties in bathing suits in it; or both of them are fired. I AM is not in this for my health. ~ ~ Think Simon and Garfunkel make a 1970s Porno. Whatever, I need new, never seen before material. ~ ~ I am not going to throw good money after bad money, if you get my drift. I may be a very rich man in my own private mind; but I am in no way pretending to be the Federal Reserve Bank of America. ~ ~ SIDEWAYS NOTES: Cock your head aside and look at it this way. I role play that teacher in SIDEWAYS. You role play my sexy too young female student who can't wait to fuck me because you know that it will definitely improve your grade point average. ~ ~ PRIZMATIC NOTES: Do I go for the exotic Montana black spotted trout in the outlets of the two Jordan Lakes and the two Falls Lakes above Marblemount, Washington this fall? Or do I go for those native rainbows in the upper Stilly pools this year? Whatever. One can always rely on those small native western cutthroat creeks on the south side of Mount Rainier. Which always seem to have enough glacial melt ground water in them, no matter how dry of a summer we have. ~ ~ Read ISAIAH 58:11 if you doubt me on this.

Sunday, July 20, 2014


I also found the unheard of COPS & ROBBERSONS on T.G.I.F. which somehow came out in 1994. ~ ~ Wherein an illegal alien from Central America is behind today's massive funny money printing operation at the Federal Reserve. Whose name is Osborn for the counterfeit birth certificate behind the abomination of desolation who everybody and his dog knows was born in Africa. ~ ~ And comes to an end in the third act during Rush Limbaugh's prophetic "America held hostage!!" radio show routine in the special 1260 days period of the two witnesses of Judah and Ephraim in REV.11. ~ ~ No wonder that the above movie that put an end to Chevy Chase's liberal smarty-pants movie career had him acting like one of today's swinging Republican Tarzan heros who are going to make it open season on all of those Jews, niggers, and queers who recently moved in next door to you. Courtesy of the federal government's unconstitutional Section-8 housing for all those illegal aliens from south of the border. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ PRIZM PAINTER NOTES: The above 1260 days period piece movie plays KODACHROME over the end credits. For the rainbow of colors code words in all of my GSR/TWN postings. ~ ~ PS ROBBIN WILLIAMS: Don't worry, be happy, I got your back covered. Meanwhile, could you ask my old buddy Ken Keisler if there is anything that he can do for you, and you can do for him? ~ ~ What are friends for? ~ ~ CAPTAIN FANTASTIC NOTES: Big rocks and Colorado size boulders crashed down on the [Kate] HUDSON LINE's train tracks near that Captain Garrison landmark on your atlas map book for a reason. Which was about where yours truly encounters the Amber Heard look alike blond in NORTH BY NORTHWEST, and enjoys a nice brook trout dinner with her. Per: ~ ~ BLUE NOTES: Sadly, the time has come for the dragon and the beast and the false prophet in REV.16 to die. And that's a good thing. ~ ~ FINAL SOLUTION NOTES: Jewish Hollywood needs to die and become born again in Israel in order that the world can overcome the false prophet of Islam; the false pope of the Catholic Church; the false prophet of the mormon church in Utah; etc. etc. Not to mention all of those phony baloney love gurus in India, and Japan, and Red China. ~ ~ Think North and South Korea too, plus Seattle's Mercer Island fantasy world 666 high-tech culture. Where Obama is going to be on Tuesday. ~ ~ BOOK OF MORMON NOTES: Today is Gisele Bundchen's 34th birthday. ~ ~ BIG TIME NOTES: The reason why I often times go to an Ariana Grande or a Scarlett Johansson to do my dirty work is because you would never suspect that it could come from a little innocent looking girl like them. ~ ~ GOOD LIKE WOOD NOTES: I'm paying for everything now, in more ways than one. ~ ~ So now I'm thinking that Woody Allen cuts the crap and casts Ariana in his next little daughter-of-the-mob movie. Believe me you. I AM is not going to put out one single dollar for any movie that does not feature a pair of legal age actresses who look 16ish, 17ish. ~ ~ PS DAVID LYNCH: I got the money if you still got the time. And don't worry about Steven Spielberg et al. Who are nothing but a bunch of dead-men-walking zombie Jew fucks. ~ ~ ASTONISHINGLY BORING NOTES: After my seven years of exciting fuck-film productions during the last days 7-years tribulation period, featuring Miley Cyrus and me et al, the Jews are finally going to throw up their hands and admit that I am the great great great... grandson of Jesus Christ. ~ ~ LONG TIME NO SEE NOTES: For the longest time, I have been waiting and watching to see a motion picture that was at all worthy of my BOYS FROM BRAZIL meets KISS OF THE SPIDER WOMAN wives in the form of Gisele Bundchen meets Adriana Lima. ~ ~ Go figure, I found THE AVIATOR at a garage sale just across the street on Friday. ~ ~ Talk about the girl next door.

Saturday, July 19, 2014


I encountered a nice looking younger mother and her virgin teen daughter pair at the MOUNTAIN VISTA sign on T.G.I.F. Who were putting up signs for their garage sale. So when I stopped by it an hour later I found some unheard of movie called ABOUT ADAM. ~ ~ Which was ultimately about Clyde Lewis going to Washington's Mount Adams on Friday in search of Big Foots, vampire werewolves, and UFOs. No kidding, check out this really cute and sexy alien babe at; ~ ~ Ergo, Adam gets his cock sucked on that "mountain" hill hike outside of Dublin, Ireland in the [pre] plural sister-wives movie made in 1999. ~ ~ Big wow definitely. I always thought that Charlize Theron was the one who was doing the Flirty Fishing in their ten year relationship marriage; now I see that it was the other way around. ~ ~ Oh well, live and learn, yada yada. ~ ~ GSR\TWN ~ ~ PRISMATIC TOUR NOTES: That mother daughter duel were rudely taping their garage sale signs over that PRIZM PAINTING rainbow-of-colors sign with the 468 prefix, so; ~ ~ RUSH NOTES: This Canadian tour bus crash is about Rush letting that Canadian guy guest host his show on open line Friday. Just as long as nobody is allowed to talk about Obama's forged birth certificate while he goes golfing somewhere, just like Obama always does, at: ~ ~ MOUNT ADAMS ATLAS SIGNS: The Indian medicine wheel reservation runs up the east side of Mount Adams; where we see The Hump rock formation, right above The Bumper formations; the Devil's Garden rocks; the Ridge of Wonders next to Hellroaring Falls; The Spearhead ridge rocks, etc. etc. ~ ~ WHINY NOTES: Reportedly, Charlize dumped Stuart Townsend after all those years because she got tired of his never ending Woody Allen type whining. Say what you will about Sean Penn; at least he is not a whiner. ~ ~ RUDE NOTES: All of those Blanding, Utah atlas map editorialist at the bland-as-hell RLDS MORMON TIMES are more interested in having the right tone, than having the truth in their tones. ~ ~ How gay. ~ ~ That is like Jennifer Garner marrying the handsome as hell Ben Afleck just because he is a really nice guy. ~ ~ When was the last time that any of these tony high society Mormon leaders ever talked about the White Horse Prophecy or the reborn again 666 beast? It's almost as if THE REVELATION OF ST JOHN THE DIVINE did not even exist.