Thursday, July 2, 2015


The real reason why Sandy is still bitching about women getting hunted down while on beaxh safari in Africa, just because they were too old and fat to be wearing skinny bikinis, is because she believes does not believe in the upcoming physical transfiguration. ~ ~ Never mind that that is a wonderful 1976+ physical transfiguration portrait of today's Greek Olympic champion homosexual named Bruce Jenner in the BOOGIE NIGHTS prophecy at about 1:06:30 minutes. ~ ~ And she is still blind sided to the fact that that is Howard Stern and Rush Limbaugh who watching THE MOTHER OF WHORES in action in REV.17 at 36:38 minutes. ~ ~ So what, I get major wood every time I watch an Ellen Page movie; especially the earlier ones. ~ ~ That's no reason to get jealous of the younger ladies who will be starring in my first video movies. ~ ~ "I got a brand new pair of roller skates, you got a brand new key..." So let's get together some time real soon, says Roller Girl. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ CRAIG'S LIST NOTES: The Divine magic of finding a used David Lynch SONY video camera at a physical reality garage/moving sale experience is that you get it for 1/3 of it's listed used market value. And don't forget to look around for the extra lights kit that goes with it. ~ ~ Anyone who would have these kind of things sitting on the grass in their weekend yard sale probably never even go to ~ ~ Much less know who the fuck is David Lynch or Paul Anderson, et al. ~ ~ All that they could possibly know is that all the home movies video stuff was once owned by one of their crazy bachelor renters who suddenly ran out on them after he ran out of money.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015


That FDR era baseball stadium blaze in Hippie Town, Oregon happened at 20th and Oak Street. In confirmation of my Love Bug VW dream about an atomic bomb explosion that killed 10,000,000 people in Oak Town; metaphorically speaking. Because there ain't that much difference between literally and physically dying; and spiritually and intellectually and religiously and politically dying. ~ ~ "Better dead than red..." said the midnight cowboy caller on the radio. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ PS JIM CAREY: I understand your concerns about 666 vaccinationism. But remember, most of today's children with bipolar autistic schizophrenia behavioral problems are a result of their parents eating too much spaghetti. Besides, isn't the ongoing EZE.38 invasion of America by Jewish homosexual communist traitors and darkies the bigger issue right now? ~ ~ ISRAELITISH NOTES: That phoney lead foot black bird idol from Egypt in THE MALTESE FALCON prophecy is about the black skin cover up of the precious Jewels of Israel in 3NEPHI 24:17. Hence the ominious Russian generals Black Sea location references in the movie to the ancient Sea of Israel. Where the ten tribes of Israel settled after they escaped from their Babylonian captivity of Assyria on the road to today's fallen Damascus, DC capitol of Syria. ~ ~ PRIVATE SWISS BANK NOTES: Of course, every one of the middleast leaders who escape the horrors of the false prophet in REV.16 have already deposited all of their money in the Bahamas, etc. Per my recent dream about Catherine Zeta-Jones barely escaping from her half Jew fucker husband with only 40 big ones. Which represented only a paltry 10% of his former wealth. Because like just like Jennifer Garner's ex husband, he gambled it all away on a dream. ~ ~ LAST NIGHT NOTES: God said that a BOOGIE NIGHTS sequel would be an important part of my born again career as a wannabe 1980s filmmaker.

Tuesday, June 30, 2015


Last night Clyde Lewis hit the jackpot when he told us about how he looked out the window Sunday night and could see space alien invader UFOs streaking across the stars of Israel through the burning smoke that was drifting north from that historic FDR era stadium inferno down in Hippie Town, USA, at: ~ ~ AND: ~ ~ OK, I admit it. I now announce my full support of Donald Trump for president. ~ ~ No really, I'm not joking. ~ ~ BFD, he likes Oprah, and I like Seattle and Barack Obama... ~ ~ Hey, whatever it takes. ~ ~ I AM is the only real best friend that you ever had in the long run, and you know it. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ PS GISELE BUNDCHEN: Actually, love is not the answer to today's out of control nigger-mania Jew problem. ~ ~ Based upon the fundamentalist mormon poligamy teachings of Jesus. ~ ~ That were always ment to offset the cruel realities of the laws of Abraham. ~ ~ I mean who wants to live in a tooth-for-tooth world of Nazism realism? ~ ~ "Hitler was right." [Leslie Winn, originally from the Springfield-Eugene, Oregon area, via Denver, Colorado.] ~ ~ PS KIT WINN: Had enough alreally with selling old fashion eye glasses at SEARS in Alderwood? ~ ~ How about you and me producing some kind of a metaphorical internet really TV series about guys fly-fishing beaver damns in the foothills of King County? ~ ~ I'm thinking that Ken McLeod would be the perfect voice-over as we drop a line into Texas Pond or Drunken Charlie Lake. Remember, many of these beaver ponds were stocked with cutthroat fingerlings during FDR's federal workers fascism era. Like the one that Ken McLeod and I fished near Julia Roberts' own private lake below Pilchuck Mountain in the 1960s.

Monday, June 29, 2015


Puffy fell into that trap door at the BET awards shortly after that FALCON 9 exploded into a puff of smoke off of I-95 in Florida. Destroying it's DRAGON capsule that was headed for Hillary Clinton's Operation Suffer space station at the end of OUR MAN IN LIKE FLINT: I&II. Because the Banana estuary forms the Cape Canaveral launch site that represents the kind of Banana republic money/monkey business politics of those 9 judges in all of those PLANET OF THE APES remake prequel sequel movies. ~ ~ Don't laugh, SPACEX is located right next door to Athens, California. ~ ~ And the firm's CEO has some nice look alike angles of Peter Lorre; like at: ~ ~ AND: ~ ~ Most medical scientists still believe that the prideful and unrepentant AIDS parade marchers in REV.9 go back to the hot monkey sex traditions in Africa; where the abomination of desolation was born. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ NOT FOR EVERYONE NOTES: Could be Cameron Crowe would be a better writer director choice for the Janis Joplin biopick; starring Miley Cyrus. Let the ass kissing begin. ~ ~ PS FALLON: You fell down and hurt your little guitar pinky on that coffee table in MULHOLLAND DR. because Bono also had fallen off his medicine wheel in Central Park at the same time that U2 was on the cover of ROLLING STONE's special edition fanzine magazine. ~ ~ MIDAS TOUCH NOTES MEETS PS KEN-KEISLER, KEN-KEMP, AND KEN-MCLEOD: If you three stooges could use a few extra big ones right now in order to feather your retirement plans; find that very same used SONY brand model video camera that David Lynch used to make his last feature Internet film in Poland. ~ ~ Remember, anybody who has ever touched my life and inspired me is now worth their weight in gold. ~ ~ Let the scavenger hunt and garage sale fun begin.

Sunday, June 28, 2015


I decided to relax and take a brake Saturday evening and just enjoy watching THE MALTESE FALCON. ~ ~ Which was all about Obama's fake [birth certificate] black raptor bird idol; that eventually would lead all of those fat older Jews, short perfumed queers, and childish baby-face trigger happy niggers with guns in the San Francisco Bay area into eternal captivity. ~ ~ After I had read that some break-dancer nigger in north Africa had unmercifally killed all of those northern European women who were just too fat and too old to be wearing skinny ELIZABETH HURLEY BEACH brand bikinis anyway-in-the-first-place. ~ ~ So why not just put them out of their misery now, rather than later. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ NOW WHAT NOW? NOTES: One of the main lessons that we can learn from all of this is that Elizabeth Hurley can actually be a pretty decent actress when she has the right director who inspires her; Sienna Miller, same thing. ~ ~ For example, see: ~ ~ BAY AREA NOTES: That is the 'Bay Bridge' to Berkeley and Oakham's, California that we see outside in the background through Sam Spade's office windows in THE MALTESE FALCON prophecy. PS PARIS: Your performance in that wax museum horror movie remake was as good as anything that I have ever seen on the big screen. Not quite on the level of a Lindsay Lohan or a Dakota Fanning; but damn good enough for me, nevertheless. ~ ~ NOTES FOR GUYS: Right now, you need to hire a special real estate agent to research every single property that is for sale now in Tuscany, and then get back to me. ~ ~ In my world, I end up owning practically everything in Toscana and Montana that is worth owning.

Saturday, June 27, 2015


I only ran the ALMOST FAMOUS hotel room numbers on Jennifer Aniston at BOB'S HOUSE OF PORN because she was the co-star of my own private Idaho prophecy entitled ROCK STAR, at: ~ ~ Wherein I found her amazing fake birth certificate computer graphics composite image that features Kate Hudson's small titties on top of Jen's 14k pussy; complete with a look alike Diamond Head, Hawaii landmark in the background. ~ ~ Note the image's horizontal stonewall theme. ~ ~ Since the most popular nicknames for today's Roberts Supreme Court of Sodom and Egypt are Rob and Bob. ~ ~ And that doomed dead 9 number [HOLLAND AMERICA] sea-plane pilot was from Hope, I/da/ho. ~ ~ And the inspiring Obama negro speaker figure at Willy Miller's high school graduation in San Diego spoke about "hope". ~ ~ Call me unmercifully honest and crazy. But I'm starting to get a gut feeling that at least 1/3rd of Amerca is hoping and praying that the "...STERN AIRLINES" jet that takes Lady Penny back home where she belongs at the end is going to fly straight into the White House on Pennsilvania Ave in DC. ~ ~ And if I were one of those liberal Brooklyn, New York Jews at the SOUTHERN POVERTY LAW CENTER in Atlanta, Georgia; I would make a run for the hills right now, without even grabbing my coat and hat. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ MISSIONARY JOURNAL NOTES: Right before I left for my class of 1973 Mormon mission that was all recorded for posterity in my own private ROMA film documentary by Federico Fellini, a regular HASTY TASTY customer mysteriously nicknamed 'Kayak Ron' told me that I was going to marry an extremely rich woman someday. ~ ~ Think Gisele Bundchen meets Jennifer Aniston and me at the film's feast scenario in D&C 58 and you get the big picture. ~ ~ PS KEN KEISLER: This was the same outdoors trattoria where we ate dinner with Donatella and her sister wives in 1988. Yet I was still too ignorant and naive at the time to fuck the four of them between us in a three-way situation in two seperate bedrooms. ~ ~ Remember when you got tired of paying for everything with you credit card when we checked into that ROOM WITH A VIEW in Florence? ~ ~ Oh yeah, now I own the place outright, with no bank mortgage debt, in a full on business partnership with Sting and Guy Richie, based out of London. ~ ~ Anyway, you can use my own private 14th century stone construction flat in Siena if the popular hotel for rich dime-millionaire tourists is too full.

Friday, June 26, 2015


Shut the fuck up niggers. Remember, if I don't get what they owe me, you don't get what they owe you; first things first. Like at: ~ ~ Which is why Jimmy Fall/on just got hand surgery that represented the electrifying 666 guitar hand of the lead singer in his asshole white Jew role in ALMOST FAMOUS. ~ ~ And then immediately all of those nine judges on THE SUPREMES court of "DETROIT SUCKS" died when their Dutch haircut TITANIC cruise ship from the new CHINATOWN Seattle hit a gay marriage stonewall in Alaska that represented that ice/burg that sank the TITANIC monstrosity that is Barack Obama. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ RAP NOTES: Yeah yeah, most older white men can't follow rap. ~ ~ ALMOST NOTES: The longhair Rush Limbaugh door guard in ALMOST FAMOUS is a composite character. Then later we see Rush Limbaugh himself at the hotel registration desk who tells the little immature [street number 1290] ROLLING STONE Jew boy writer that his crazy fascist liberal mother did a real number on him. ~ ~ CRASH NOTES: Those 9 people hit the granite stonewall above Ella Lake. The word Ella meaning 'lady'. Which was Penny Lane's real name in the ALMOST FAMOUS prophecy. Hence those 9 bitches who were gunned down by that cute baby face Dutch boy at the 'Mother Emanuel' church of the MOTHER OF WHORES in REV.17. ~ ~ PS MACNEE: See you for sure on the flip side. You were a true top-fly royal coachman fisherman gentleman. Who always helped me deal with the painful reality of me being forced to leave my two kids with their lying and cheating mother for the better. Only to return later on tv and on the Internet movies as their really cool father hero who loves to fuck teenagers and 37ish women at the same time on his vintage 1937 era 91' sailboat in the Greek Islands. ~ ~ And nobody could stop me; not even my antihero license-to-kill hero in those three woes Dr.Evil Austin Powers trilogy. ~ ~ Note the swinging 60-70s Dutch Boy haircut on Michael Meyers in the three movies. ~ ~ MY OWN PRIVATE DICHOTOMY NOTES: Right now I AM is struggling with my own personal emotional problems makeup that wants to know who is the coolist kid out there right now. ~ ~ Is it Barack Obama, who had Donald Young shot in the head execution style? Or is it Dylann Storm Roof who did the same thing to those 9 nigger bitches? ~ ~ Admittedly, there is something very appealing about both of them. ~ ~ Bill and Hillary Clinton, not so much anymore. ~ ~ PS OLIVER STONE: You do know that I am only half Jewish. So you only take about half of what I have to say about you directing Miley Cyrus in some kind of a Janis Joplin impersonator biopick movie. What do you want from me anyway? I get down on my knees and confess that it was so wrong for me to take over your next movie? Just because I was paying for the whole she-bang with the monies that I got from my rich wife Sandra Bullock? ~ ~ NINE NOTES: Now that Nicole Kidman has openly spoken out about her 9th wedding anniversary. I'm probably going to go ahead and watch NINE again and see if it has something to do with Tarantino struggling with his 9th movie precepts and concepts.