Thursday, October 8, 2015


The woman with child in GHOSTBUSTERS:II is the same latter-day saints woman in REV.12. As confirmed by the same chapter's Biblical flooding omens in the two Carolina states of Judah and Ephraim. ~ ~ Hence that cargo ship's sinking feeling about the container ship in the first act of THE BOONDOCK SAINTS:2. ~ ~ Which reportedly was heading for [Jesse] Jacksonville, Florida meets Boston, Mass. ~ ~ Talk about being as black Irish Catholic as George C/looney. ~ ~ Who is now married to some crazy back-stabbing muslim woman who hates the back-stabbing Jews, via London, England. ~ ~ Oh yeah, most of today's Jews hate white America; and will continue to stab her in the back at every chance they get. ~ ~ For example, Woody Allen was "married" to that crazy Catholic church lady bitch for how many years? ~ ~ Yours truly, the original foolish ten virgins era mormon boy virgin, was also "married" to an equally foolish French virgin for 5 years. ~ ~ I rest my case. ~ ~ Takes one to know one. ~ ~ Yada yada. ~ ~ But now I AM is a new man. ~ ~ Yada yada. ~ ~ Who has achieved a higher consciousness. Yada yada. ~ ~ Thanks in part to having watched LOST HIGHWAY ten times at the masonic temple EGYPTIAN theater in Seattle. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ G:II NOTES: "Now is a season of evil..." says the ugly looking super Jew look alike prince. Then the movie's naive virgin Jew boy from Canada says that, "...the black guy was a big problem for everybody." at 28:44 minutes.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015


DRUDGE posted up that pic yesterday of Barry Diller because the evil super Jew looks a lot like the 1290 days demon prince in G:II at: AND: ~ ~ Like I said, it's pretty hard to Jew a Jew; tweet tweet. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ RLDS NOTES: In DC: 77 it says that the two witnesses are for Judah, not Ephraim. Which is why you guys still don't get it. ~ ~ PS JOE: You and your late son did a very flakely and ameturist hit job arrest of Larry Sinclair during his DC press conference about himself sucking on Barry's long brown cock while he sucked the crack pipe. ~ ~ All puns intended. ~ ~ Don't kid yourself. ~ ~ Hillary Clinton herself will bring up this very proffessiioonally coorrobborratted fact in Sinclair's underground paperback novel biography if you ever start to threaten her. ~ ~ TaLk about ANSWERED PRAYERS, like at: ~ ~ Think Truman Capote meets David Brock, just like at: ~ ~ EVIL NICE GUY NOTES: During the production of CADDYSHACK, Chevy Chase was always complaining to the director that Bill Murray was a really bad guy. And Bill Murray himself was always complaining to the producer that Chevy Chase was the actual evil guy. ~ ~ Whatever, that unidentified chocolate brown look alike candy bar anal sex turd that was floating around in the pool and scaring away all the white kids, represented Barry Obama's 42 months [country club] reign of terror that ends in 2016. ~ ~ Now that one can look back on the respective careers of both actors with a certain amount of mature perspective. IT is pretty obvious which one was the better it girl person. ~ ~ At least on an artistic talent level. ~ ~ G:II NOTES: The 4 ghostmen of the apocalypse in 1989 destroy today's Greek high court that is still stonewalling the truth about Barry's forged birth certificate and stolen SS number in 2016. Which is a French lady's homage to THE BLOB prophecy about America being invaded by illegal alien LAmanites who have dark skin. ~ ~ Hence, there is something that is not quite right about Stephen Spielberg's new 1950s era anticommunist movie. ~ ~ I smell a rat. ~ ~

Tuesday, October 6, 2015


Bernie's stump campaign train that was headed to Washington, DC derailed south of West Berlin, Vermont, near the fabled brook trout Winooski River, for the brook trout dinner scenes with [Mel] Gibson coctails in NORTH BY NORTHWEST. ~ ~ Which comes to an end at Rush Limbaugh's MOUNT RUSHMORE black [7] hills gold landmark prophecy that is set in granite stone. ~ ~ Oh yeah, there is not a dime's worth of difference between Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton's reformed Marxist party of that MADONNA third way EVITA movie. ~ ~ Come on! That is the country where today's 7-hills Pope comes from. ~ ~ Both of the GHOST BUSTERS movies were BLACK RHINO [Republican] PRODUCTIONS. ~ ~ 770's Michael Medved et al being from Mercer Island in the middle of Lake Washington and that shit. ~ ~ Hey, you don't have my back, I don't have your back. ~ ~ I know that sounds kind of gay and all. But... "It is what it is." Rush Limbaugh. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ PS EVANGELINE LILLY: It is now the time for you to make a major upgrade in your life. And no, you do not have to get rid of your current fuck buddy. ~ ~ I AM only talking about you buying that special secret agent acreage property along the shores of [Ken] McLeod Lake, located just north of the Hanna Montana and her sisters state line. ~ ~ PS JERRY: In the prophetic GHOSTBUSTERS:II sequel, the crazy bar fly lady says that an alien told her that the world would come to an end on Valentines Day in 2016. In confirmation of Sandy and Matt calling it quits on a cetain Valentines Day back when... ~ ~ MORALITY TALE NOTES: Bernie the Jew boy likes to talk about the morality. I.e. the Jewish Marxist traditions of robbing Peter [Relf] to pay Paul [Nestor]. Hence, a house explodes on 13th and 42nd in Brooklyn. Because Michael Merged still believes that there is nothing that immoral with having an illegal alien sitting inside of today's Oval [vigina shaped] Office in the Casa Blanca. ~ ~ No wonder that so many of today's rock solid conseravitives, who are now bored to death with AM talk radio light rock anticommunism, are going to vote for Donald Trump. ~ ~ Hence those huge atomic bomb earthquake craters at the end of CADDYSHACK that put Donald Trump over the top in REVELATION 2016. ~ ~ LEP 7 NOTES: I fully expect Connan O'Brien to step up to the plate and make the 7th LEPRECHAN sequal using his own personal private Idaho surplus funds. ~ ~ Don't doubt me on this one. ~ ~ That id if the screenplay involves Jennifer Aniston returning to the original franchise in some kind of an age appropriate sex scene relationship with him and her being equally gender costar lovers. ~ ~ Don't get me wrong now. I definitely do not want to waste my time reading the screenplay, or anything like it. I just want to be assured in writing that everybody gets paid in full. ~ ~ PS HILLARY: You are the crazy unbelievable [CIVIL RIGHTS ACT OF 1964] reason why women should not have the right to vote. ~ ~ And I thank you for that from the bottom of my heart. ~ ~ Honestly, I could argue this point until I AM is blue in the face and the penis; and they still would not believe me. ~ ~ ON A PERSONAL NOTE: Every time that I start to feel a little bit discouraged and frustrated, I just buck it up and watch LEP 3 and or VIVA LAS VEGAS and or maybe CLAM BAKE. ~ Works for me anyway, usually, about 99% of the time.

Monday, October 5, 2015


You are God damn right that I AM is a lover and a hater. "Big wow!!" Ornella Fresh, STAR MAPS. ~ ~ You hate me, I hate you. ~ ~ You love to fuck me, I love to fuck you. ~ ~ Quite frankly, it really and truly is as simple as that, at: . ~ ~ Hence, my sidekick in the Oval Office hates the white christian anti Mormons in Texas who are still holding my misguided look alike "underaged" teenager fucker in jail. ~ ~ Whereas, I watched the NORTH BY NORTHWEST prophecy about my 29ish spy wives one day; and then the next day Steven Spielberg has a screening of his new phoney baloney spy movie in Manhattan. And get this, I watched 1984's original HOLY GHOST BUSTERS the next night. ~ ~ Yeah right, one of Hollywood's biggest Hillary Clinton boosters fancies himself as a 1959 type anticommunist midnight cowboy radio actor. ~ ~ So allow me to give you the low down right now; before you throw away any of your hard earned money on your next neo fascist opus. ~ ~ That is non other than Donal Trump himself at the end of GHOST BUSTERS. After the "nuclear excellorators" kick in when the ground breaking earthquake happens in Manhattan in 2016. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ BULLSHIT NOTES: Don't get me wrong now. I am not saying that Spielberg's new spy movie is 100% GI ARMY shit on a shingle in movies like CATCH 22, etc. Since only Jesus himself knows what is in the heart of a man. ~ ~ But I CAN tell you this. It would be a cold day in hell before he ever personally returned a personal line telephone call from my 10% cash money agent wife Alison Roth.

Sunday, October 4, 2015


A heavy concrete slab fell down on top of a highschool band on the same day that Miley starred in SNL's opening skit spoof of GREASE: I&II. "That's what I'm talking about." Skip in NAPOLEON DYNAMITE: I&II. ~ ~ You think that Jon the too tall mormon Jew boy from Oregon played a pretty good 19 year-old kid in the first one? How about he plays a pretty good ten years younger 29 year-old millennial geek in the next one? ~ ~ I'm thinking he has some kind of a pre middle aged crisis epiphany and so then he goes back to some fledging low tuition budget film school in the boon docks. ~ ~ Where Neil LeBut is now the small rural school's master program guru cinema arts director. ~ ~ FULL DISCLOSURE: Not that many people besides me know that LeBute is a brilliant comedy genius actor. ~ ~ That said, I never have liked his directing that much. ~ ~ In some ways he reminds me of myself. Back when I believed that I was the greatest screenwriter and director in the world. ~ ~ And then one day God let me know to my surprise that acting was really my future calling. ~ ~ Oh well, you live and learn. ~ ~ BFD/GSR/TWN ~ ~ EXCEPTION TO THE RULER NOTES: I will cast, write, and direct Miley Sire Us and Cara Delevigne into my first opus just to make a point. ~ ~ In other words; I may be the greatest director and screenwriter in the world right now; but I'm even a better actor. ~ ~ Which of course would never happen in a million years. If Donald Trump does not become elected as President in 2016. ~ ~ PS VV: If I were you, I would put down at least 10% of everything you got on this one in Las Vegas. And then when you win it big, you give me the 10% juice money that you owe me. ~ ~ Which is the 1990s inspiration behind my sense that I still have to pay Ken Keisler 9 big ones for the $900 I still owe him in commission over drafts. ~ ~ Heck, I will be getting at least $9 B in tithing from Dr. Evil, et al in Seattle in 2016. ~ ~ Talk about pocket change money. ~ ~

Saturday, October 3, 2015


Low budget filmmakers know all about the idea that sometimes you just have to shoot it. And hope to g-d that you can fix it all later in post production. ~ ~ "It is what it is." BOOGIE NIGHTS. ~ ~ Oh yeah, I would fuck Miley Cyrus, and her girlfriend too, just like both of them are right now. ~ ~ And worry about fixing it and trying to make it better later. ~ ~ On the other hand, this is probably not a good idea when it comes to international treaties about curbing atomic bombs. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ I AM SO SORRY ABOUT IT TOO NOTES: It says in the BM that one has a right to kill anyone who threatens his family. Contrary to what today's foolish Mormons in Utah are saying. ~ ~ PS PENNY: The death of those DOCTORS WITHOUT BORDERS was a warning unto you fascist Spanish bitches who think that being a citizen of the world is more important then individual liberty. ~ ~ In other words, international law is International Jewish marxist tyranny. ~ ~ Go ahead, vote for the next Democrat Party candidate to come down the pike in 2016, and see what happens. ~ ~ Just remmember, Mr. Harper Mercer Island was a conservative Republican. ~ ~ CADDY NOTES: The crazy caddy in CADDYSHACK is a guy who shoots little brown furry vermin pests with a long rifle. In confirmation of the many spoken word revelations about "the fox" in DC being a Muslim at heart with Buddhist [Dahli Lama] sympathies. ~ ~ PRODUCTION NOTES: Jim Carey's woman committed suicide during the new TWIN PEAKS reshoot for a reason. ~ ~ Guess you all are just going to have to watch the 2016 series on SHOWTIME if you want to find out why. ~ ~ PS DAVID LYNCH: What you are doing right now is pretty Oakie Dokie with me. Same thing goes for my low budget movie angel bag man Donald Trump. But I still have a few suggestions. ~ ~ You cast LL, you get one billion $$$ in free advertising. ~ ~ What? You don'think that she can act? ~ ~ So what, she always shows up on set at least a half hour late because she is starving for some real love and attention. ~ ~ Deal with it. Cast her transfigured Emma Stone look alike in enough of your shots that it doesn't matter anyway in post. ~ ~ This time around, you will have to do something different if you want to make a difference in the tv ratings. ~ ~ Besides, think about her really sweet big freckled milky white tits sliding around on your face as she tops off your cock. ~ ~ I'm not just talking little innocent virgin girl blow jobs here. ~ ~ You go full in on this deal. You get the whole thing.

Friday, October 2, 2015


The good looking and very intelligent 26 year-old mulatto guy who shot the white college kids reprepresented Barack Obama. Given the fact that the handsome stonewall architecture of the place is located just north of the Rt.42 junction on I-5. For the ten virgins prophecy in MATT. 25. Wherein half of the virgins are Winchester, Oregon style long rifle zombies. ~ ~ Remember, in the London made movie, you need to shoot the walking dead in the head. Leg shots, arm shots, can't stop them. ~ ~ Oh yeah, Barack Obama has some serious anger issues towards white Christians. ~ ~ The number '26' being symbolic of all things uncircumcised. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ 42 LINE NOTES: Oregon's southern 42 border line is the same line that separates the two Hwy.91 prophecies of NAPOLEON DYNAMITE and LOGAN'S RUN in northern Utah. ~ ~ KEY NOTES: Last knight I dreamed over and over again that everything was coming up in 4s. Then I saw this report about some guy who is obsessed with my no.4 wife at: ~ ~ To the point that he was crazy enough to show up to the opening night reproduction of DEATH TRAP:II. ~ ~ Which by the by, is one of BiBi's all time favorite movies; costarring the Jewish Michael Caine and the Jewish Christ/opher Reeve, like for instance at: ~ ~ The half Jewish homosexual abomination from Mercer Island, Washington in LAGGIES, etc. has stabbed Israel in the back with your typical old fashion theater dagger, and all that. ~ ~ FREE AGENT NOTES: The reason why I now need Alison Roth to become my future exclusive 10% up front cash money on the barrel agent, is that it is pretty hard to Jew a Jew. ~ ~ Especially when it comes to forged checks, phoney worthless movie deal contracts, and forged birth certificate documents that have fake legalistic Social Security numbers on them. ~ ~ For example, if Conan O'Brien wants to have a co-starring role in the next LEPRECHAUN 8 sequel/prequel, she gets 10% of the 4 big ones budget. And Mr.TNT himself only gets a respectful amont of union scale cash pay-out per dieum money. ~ ~ Which could mean anything of course; if the money is right and tight in the first place. ~ ~ And please, for God's sake; no screenplays; no long drawn out pitch sessions; and no boring to death pre-production meetings. ~ ~ PS JIM CARREY: That crazy utopian Oregon state type 1980s spiritual love guru who once had 99 ROLLS ROYCES, and at least 99 wives, who was featured in your YES MAN prophecy was actually me playing Donald Trump for your own private sake. ~ ~ Hey, you already tried that half white nigger mother fucker who was born in Africa. And look what that got you. ~ ~ So why not try my totally white man with the orange skin [Lindsay Lohan] tan job in the next election? ~ ~ I think that you are going to be very happy with the final results when everybody becomes quite surprised that my Long Island Republican Party wife Lindsay Lohan is not that crazy after all. ~ ~ PS WOODY ALLEN: How about a cluster fuck three-way picture costarring Lindsay and Emma in some HANNAH AND HER SISTERS sequal. ~ ~ So what. You can't rely on LL to show up on set every day? ~ ~ Then you shoot enough extra footage with Miley Cyrus as a dirty hippie Janis Joplin look alike wannabe. That way, you cover all the bases in post production. Without having to worry about going back for reshoots.