Tuesday, March 31, 2015


Last week I found a used DVD copy of the 2009 made THE SOCIAL NETWORK for 2.99 at GOODWILL. Which is obviously about that half Jewish GSR/TWN guy on the Internet suddenly becoming an accidental multi billionaire. ~ ~ See what I mean at: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Social_Network ~ ~ No wonder I AM is goony to be forced to owe two big ones for every baby I make in the next 18 years. ~ ~ Please, I don't have time for this shit, talk to my 'Mr.Brown' lawyer in Seattle, and leave me the fuck alone. ~ ~ Yes, we had a great time. And I hope that we can get together again real soon, on a more regular basis. ~ ~ Said Vince Vaughn to Jennifer Aniston. But she never called him back of course. ~ ~ Some guys have all the luck. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ CIVIL RIGHTS SATANISM NOTES: In the REV.12 prophecy about the latter-days of the flood in the times of Noah, Satan is described as being the one who accused the righteous day and night. Kind of like Clyde Lewis and Glenn Beck and Bill O'Really and Mark Levin do all of the time when it comes to tea party birthers who have a problem with a strange looking illegal alien bastard child being in charge of everything in the desecrated White House. ~ ~ Don't fuck with The Jesus on this one. ~ ~ When was the last time that you ever heard any of these self righteous religious phonies say anything negative about the Civil Rights Act of 1964? Most of whom don't even believe in the BM; unlike Elvis Presley and Lindsay Lohan. ~ ~ For example, Tuesday morning at STARBUCKS, I said hi to the wealthiest Christian [old money] landowner in the entire Pacific Northwest, and he just gave me the short polite society dirty look back. Because he knows exactly who I am. ~ ~ Oh yeah, the word gets around. ~ ~ Think ZERO EFFECT meets MY OWN PRIVATE IDAHO meets MONTANA. ~ ~ HILLARY CLINTON NOTES: For some years now, the prophets among the lost tribes of Israel have been saying that Hillary will be instrumental in cleaning up the mess in Wash. DC. Talk about teaching by example. ~ ~ For example, Clyde Lewis is the epitome of one of the five foolish virgins in the ten virgins' last days object lesson prophecy.

Monday, March 30, 2015


That German looking psycho spreads his arms like wings when he suddenly flies into the NBC set of THE PILOT eposode, 4th season. ~ ~ Giving a shout-out in latin about killing tall Jewish tyrants like Abrahamas Lincoln, who was from Illinoise. ~ ~ This being the civil war cannon fire jokes at the end of THE BUSBOY, incorporating NYC Vs. Texas, via Chicago. ~ ~ As just confirmed by today's military of Sodom and Egypt engaging in urban warfare exercises in various Republican Party controlled southern states. ~ ~ Per the end of THE PONY REMARK, where the white Christian police try to keep the rioting niggers behind their so-called racist crowd control barricades. Only using little kiddie size ponies that don't stand a chance against today's giant size NCAA college negros. Who represent those gentile giants in the [last] days of Noah. ~ ~ According to REV.13, the first German beast will sustain a serious head wound like Indiana got in his vintage WW II plane, and then it will heal miraculously in the form of new and improved civil rights fascism. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ WHEN PIGS CAN FLY NOTES: Various Intel reports are indicating that Hamas, Hezbula/Iran, and the PLO, are planning some kind of a united front German style "blitz" on Israel. Today's government run universities being the new Marxist reeducation camp/uses for naive white girls like Emma Watson, etc.

Sunday, March 29, 2015


People talked about Indiana's amazing glider skills when his vintage FDR era motor suddenly died after takeoff and he was forced to put it down as softly as possible on that Area 310 golf course full of sand traps and other obstacles. ~ ~ In confirmation of that suicidal psycho who suddenly flies his body onto the set in THE PILOT, while we can hear the hysterical screaming in the last seconds. ~ ~ In the same French Alps area where he learned to fly gliders. ~ ~ And in THE PONY REMARK episode, Elaine remarks about how far off base Jerry and Clyde were in 2008 meets 2014. When they thought that Obama would not make the same stupid mistakes that Hitler and Mussolini made the first time. ~ ~ Not to mention those two reformed democratic fascists, Conan O'Brien and David Letterman. ~ ~ Who still believe unto this day that the Civil Rights Act of 1964 was the cat's meow. ~ ~ And had no relation whatsoever to do with the writings of George Orwelle and Ayn Rand. ~ ~ Like G-d has revealed to his D&C:133 prophets in the 2BC, the upcoming crash is going to be a soft landing for the righteous, and a hard landing for the wicked; relatively speaking. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ SOFT TOUCH NOTES: People of faith who are still struggling with the issue of being saved by the Grace of Jesus might want to take another closer look at the AUSTIN POWERS trilogy. Where the most mighty lines in all three of the two witnesses' era movies reads, "Oh my gentle Jesus!" Starting with the 1260 days one wherein I get to fuck a thawed out physically transfigured 29ish Elizabeth Hurley. ~ ~ PS KRISTEN STEWART: I know what you and your sister are up to; flashing your really hot tall blond girlfriend around town in front of the paps and getting me all hot and bothered. Just in order to seduce me into making you two a couple of really cute babies apiece. And then I owe you both like a total of $8,000,000 in child support payments. ~ ~ Who do you think that I am, Justin Beiber? ~ ~ Yes, I am rather flattered by the thought, if nothing else. ~ ~ PS JERRY: I'm still searching for a nice boathouse love shack property on Sag Harbor. Since the first one that I mentioned earlier fell through my fingers before I could even make a cash-money down payment. ~ ~ If you happen to see one for sale out there, please grab it before anyone else does. Money is no object of course. ~ ~ PS BILL O'REALLY & GLENN BECK. Has it ever dawned upon you two that all you two would ever have to do on the air is say that Obama's birth certificate is a complete computerized fake; and then the entire world of liberal mormon catholicism as we know it would come down crashing all around you? ~ ~ I mean think about it. No more niggers, no more communists, and no more Jewish liberal media tyranny. ~ ~

Saturday, March 28, 2015


George is flipping through his ring-binder copy of the 2BC at the brown coffee shop scene in THE PONY REMARK episode when he interrupts Elaine and Jerry with his complaints about never having hot sex again. Even though the answer to all of his depressing personal aging [no problemo] problems are right there in front of his nose. ~ ~ In other words, the agonizing pain that Jesus suffered at the hands of today's Jews is the key to the physical transfiguration. ~ ~ No pain, no gain. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ NOSE TO NOSE NOTES: In the negro music number in VIVA LAS VEGAS, everyone is dancing on top of that black&red Russian roulette wheel in Senator Reid's hometown; "All of my friends in high school were Mormons..." Jimmy Kimball. ~ ~ DEAD AGAIN NOTES: They reburied King Richard III on Keira Knightley's pregnant with child birthday. Could be some kind of a SHAKESPEAR IN LOVE movie thing. ~ ~ Whatever, it was definitely a sick feverish sign from God that the better half of England is starving for a new kind of king. ~ ~ HAVE IT YOUR WAY NOTES: Back when I became a 1980s style born again older student at BYU, virtually all of the BURGER KING restaurant franchises in Utah County were owned and operated by a mysterious Russian business man with illegal cable TV connections. And never in my life had I ever seen better German brown trout top-fly fishing action like I saw back then on the Provo River. ~ ~ Remember, this was back when Robert Redford was still a pretty sexy older-than-me dude who was fucking a 39ish Brazilian actress who was about my same age, and driving a red hot 911 German PORSCHE up and down Provo Canyon. And yes, I will be fucking Larry King's aging suicidal wife, and her hot younger sister too; that is after the old liberal New York Jew fuck dies and moves on to one of those three carpeted pillow levels in SEINFELD, per D&C 76. ~ ~ PS ERIC JADERHOLM: I got your message. Staying at your place in Midvale, Utah while I brush up at the SCHOOL OF PROPHETS feels good to me. ~ ~ PS GWYNETH PALTROW: Don't worry your little heart, I'm coming to get you. And your sister too, once all of those half Jew fucks in Seattle sign over 90% of their green pesto sauce pasta money to me. And therefore you don't have to drag me into some corrupt 666 court for any amount of after-tax child support that you feel you have coming from me. And then I AM is forced to pick up the phone in MULHOLLAND DR and say, "Talk to me." ~ ~ PS STEVEN FRESH: Fuck me Jesus! I was sitting at the bar nursing my early morning loney-hearts-club 16 oz. cup Saturday morning at STARBUCKS, when suddenly my fit and trim ex French wife walked into the joint. ~ ~ God danm it dude; if she can't help you get over your breakup divorce depressions, I'm gonna have to go to plan B.

Friday, March 27, 2015


That gas line explosion under the raw fish restaurant in THE BUSBOY, 1990, is about Larry David's new 2015 fish play. ~ ~ Apparently, that 27 year-old German pilot was suffering from various Woody Allen type depression issues. ~ ~ Another line from my own private "Mr.Relf" biopic in THE BIG LEWBOW/SKY reads, "Nobody fucks with the Jesus!" ~ ~ No wonder Elaine's brown sweater boyfriend from Seattle starts a race war with the brown people who are oppressing him. And then we see a slim brown Barack Obama walk by the brown coffee shop. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ INSIDE BASEBALL NOTES: It's not so much that the brown people are oppressing the white people. Rather, the white Jewish people are using the brown people to oppress their Caucasian Mountains Ephraimite cousins. But I'm forced to keep things on a more basic simple minded level since so many of my Israelitish friends have still not read the 2BC. ~ ~ For example, here is a good generalization of the NYC Jews stabbing their southern Forest Gump [ISAIAH 11] cousins in the back during the 19666s at: http://www.wnd.com/2015/03/medias-vicious-lies-on-vietnam-finally-exploded/?cat_orig=world ~ ~ Kind of like Clyde Lewis lying about George Bush and Dick Chenney. Not to mention Obama's forged birth certificate and stolen Social Security number.

Thursday, March 26, 2015


In most restaurants, the busboy doubles as the 2bc.info type dishwasher. At least that is how it worked in the Greek restaurant that Jennifer Aniston's father owned and operated when she was a fine assissimo teenager waitress growing up in Manhattan. ~ ~ And yes, please do go fuck yourself right now, before we go any further. Salt Lick City; Utah being the home of some of the best Greek miners restaurants in North America. Not to mention the finest coffee shop in the entire western hemisphere. ~ ~ Where they roast their select black African beans every single day on the premises, using a much more generous course-ground amount in the brewing, and charge twice as much for a retro 1960s dinner style 8 oz. cup. And the waiters and the waitresses would never think about asking you what you might think about those niggers in Ferguson, etc. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ PS LARRY DAVID: Jerry's joke about old white men golfers having to wear all white and relocate down to moderate Republican controlled Florida is about the baptism whites and masonic templre Davidian blood cleansings that lead to the sexy old guy physical transfiguration. ~ ~ In other words, the show's balding premature 39ish George can not imagine any situation where he ever gets to have sex again in his life with an attractive woman; because he doesn't know anything about how to look 39ish again. ~ ~ See the above Billy Idol song link image for a second look about what it means to be 100 years-old and still have that thick white GRECIAN GREY died hair look. ~ ~ Think about it; yours truly started to use GRECIAN GREY shampoo when I was a very vain 39 years-old and still living in Provo, Utah. And then I washed out and had to hock my 1990ish APPLE computer for a one-way $99 AMTRAK train ticket up to Seattle. ~ ~ JACK ASS NOTES: That A-320 crashed directly above the very same route that I used in my own private ALFA sports car movie entitled THE DAY OF THE JACKAL meets VIVA LAS VEGAS. Wherein we see Barack Obama himself dancing right next to me in the latter movie's CHEEK TO CHEEK negro music rock in roll Tennessee music number.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015


When an exasperated Elaine is frantically trying to put me on the next AIRBUS jet plane out of town in THE BUSBOY,1990, I ask her to look for my future symbolic brown sidekick's wool sweater, circa 2015. Therefore, she grabs her own brown [young lamb] sidekick's sweater that was hiding in her drawer and throws it at me. ~ ~ Ergo, the Frenchie made A 320 is a '32_' frozen degrees reference to the cold-hearted bitches of Israel in 2NEPHI 8, yada yada. ~ ~ Who need to put on my brown boyfriend sweater and warm up, literally speaking. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ KICK ASS NOTES: I couldn't believe my LUCKY U tattoo luck Wednesday morning when I got in line at STARBUCKS right behind some incredibably hot-ass blond who was almost at least 16. And then later, I read that the Wood Man was hitting on his underaged co-star in MANHATTAN meets LOLITA. ~ ~ Oh yeah, I'm gonna have a huge career in motion pictures. ~ ~ PS ELTON JOHN: I'm giving you a deadline to pay up or else. Either you repent of your silly unexcusible homogaysexual ways sometime in the next ten years, before you send your son off to a proper British boarding school for boys only, or God will cause your prostate to stop functioning properly. We're talking around 80 years-old here now, give or take a few. ~ ~ What? You don't want to get your cock sucked by underaged girls who look like underaged boys for the next 50 years or so? ~ ~ You don't make me look like a fool-for-love who got caught with his pants down, I give you a very dignified back door exit plan. And you get to keep 90% of your tax-free money too. ~ ~ PS JERRY: Your softball jersey in THE PONY REMARK represents Clyde Lewis et al getting thrown out at third base. That stands for the third woe that is going to cause him and his ilk in the mormon church leadership in Utah to finally grow up and get over their childish feelings about partisan politics. Which were clearly laid out by those Barney Franks meets Larry King clips played on Rush Limbaugh this morning. ~ ~ AIRBUS NOTES: In 1990's season 2 BUSBOY episode, Elaine buys a new alarm clock that wakes her up with a slap in the face at "...nine fifteen!" According to the 9.15-16 date of Judah in the 1260 days prophecy about the two witnesses of Judah and Ephraim in REV.11-13.