Friday, November 21, 2014


Al Cody's failed album title in INSIDE LLEWYN DAVIS, 1961, was confirmed by the latest abomination of desolation number on the 20th of November. ~ ~ That is now going to be signed by Obama's fake signature fan club birth certificate autograph in 20\20 Las Vegas. Which is probably the most unAmerican [American] city in all of America. ~ ~ The album's huge brown boner guitar case artwork being a big Bono thing; yada yada. ~ ~ Get the picture? ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ TWO IF BY TEA NOTES: In the 1977 007 prophecy entitled THE SPY WHO LOVED ME, it is demonstrated at about 53:30 on my DVD how the born again Republican Tea Party is going to suddenly cut off the head of Egypt and Sodom in REV.11. ~ ~ 5\20 NOTES: Here is confirmation of the five foolish DISNEYLAND movie virgins who die on I-20 in the last days, at: ~ ~ GOLD NUGGET CASINO NOTES: Taylor Swift's new multimillion selling album is more confirmation of why movies made by Jewish liberals such as INSIDE LLEWYN DAVIS  usually don't make any money or royalties to speak of; compare FOX to CNN/NBC/ABC/NYC etc. ~ ~ For example, that huge solid gold boulder on display at the above Las Vegas casino was found sticking out of the ground in some bloke's backyard in Australia. ~ ~ And of course FOX is owned by an old senile FDR era fuck from Australia and all that jazz. Who still is hanging on for dear life to the failed idea that the Texas style Civil Rights Act of 1964 is the cat's meow. ~ ~ And that Barack Obama's birth certificate is real. ~ ~ Think the half Jewish Mel Gibson meets the half Jewish Clyde Lewis.; "Steel sharpens steel." [Jesus Christ] ~ ~ PS MORMONS: The reason why the spirits who don't have a physical body feel like they are trapped in THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW is because they can't fuck. Think Sarah Silverman and Jimmy Kimmy break up because they are just not sexually compatible in A CLOCKWORK ORANGE meets DOCTOR STRANGELOVE. ~ ~ MAJOR BONER NOTES: Bono and the boys were scheduled to be on Jimmy Fallon for the seven-days-week-scenario between Miley Cyrus' birthday and Woody Allen's birthday in THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW timeline; "HA HA HA HA..." [Satan]

Thursday, November 20, 2014


All those white guys on talk radio are bitching about Obama ignoring the US Constitution when in fact they have been ignoring his own illegal alien status for six years now; ain't carma a bitch. ~ ~ Meanwhile, Bono crashed in Central Park and shattered his arm of flesh for a confirmation of that twin AERO 500 that crashed in Chicago off of Central Ave. ~ ~ Which is an area where many middle class negros have moved into who have good paying government jobs.  ~ ~ Hence U2's long time association with all things happening in Africa. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ JEW NOTES: Those arrogant Jews were killed with an Oklahoma style Red River meat cleaver to the head and neck because that is how they kill the zombies in SHAUN OF THE DEAD. ~ ~ INSIDE CLYDE LEWIS NOTES: This week Clyde suggested that certain secret insiders behind the scenes in Russia and America are deliberately orchestrating conflict between the two super powers. In order that their huge unidentified command and control center can take over the world and make Rome's Pope Francis the Antichrist ruler of the world. Ah shit, now I'm gonna have to watch that amazing George W. Bush look alike 007 movie called THE SPY WHO LOVED ME. ~ ~ Yes, it's a pretty good Bond movie; but God damn I've already seen it like 50,000 times. ~ ~ So I guess one more time won't hurt. ~ ~ I did read something recently about a new docudrama about the UFO looking U2 spy-rocket-plane that was shot down over Russia during the cold war era. Not to be confused with the name of the iconic rock n' roll band named U2; which was prophetically named after an Ireland government unemployment form. For when the time would come that the abomination of desolation would take over America, circa day 1290 in the two witnesses' scenario pertaining to Judah, not Ephraim. Back when the negro Nation of Island, based in Chicago, marched on the United Nations in Manhattan. Which is why all those 1980s movies always made fun of the Nazis based in Chicago.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014


Believe it or not, the 1990s star of the above Florida honey gold movie lives/lived in Montana. ~ ~ But it gets worse [better] since Jennifer Aniston was the sexy hot Miley figure in the original Irish LEPRECHAUN pot-of-gold forerunner movie with the traditional folk song score motif. ~ ~ Anyway, here is Miley posing for the new GOLDEN LADY campaign at: ~ ~ Note the Egyptian eye black gold and inexpensive jewelry crystals theme for hot teens at: ~ ~ AND: ~ ~ Do I have to point out THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW lips and the transsexual 1961ish biker jacket borrowed from Frankenfurter? Or are you so God damn smart that you already knew that? ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ SNOW JOB NOTES:  The freak white out snow storm in upper New York State is about that White Horse Prophecy movie that starred Sienna Miller. Jesus Christ almighty already, I wish to God  that I never threw out my old 1990S era VHS copies of FARGO meets BRIDE OF CHUCKY: Chicky gets lucky. ~ ~ DIARY NOTES: Last night I dreamed that a 45ish Hugh Hefner invited me to one of his famous garden parties for 70s swingers.  Where I happened to encounter a very friendly and flirty Gisele Bundchen. Who asked me point blank, "What do you want from me?" And since it was a typical 70s situation I just looked deaply into her eyes and said that I want to fuck you, and your sister too, if that's cool.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014


CENTRAL's AERO 500 cargo twin prop just crashed into a house in Midway, Chicago in confirmation of the '500 miles away from home' folk song in INSIDE LLEWYN DAVIS. Which is about the death and rebirth of apostate fascism in the born again sodom and Egypt of America. ~ ~ Obviously, the Jew media has now gone so far down the liberal rabbit hole that they no longer have it in them to speak the truth to reformed middle-of-the-road third way fascism; which is exactly what Ferguson, Miss/our/I is all about. I.e. mob rule and gang warfare based on tired old racist cliches like, bad white cop, innocent black violent criminal. ~ ~ Oh yeah, like that's ever gonna fly when pigs grow wings. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~
LINKS: See the picture worth 1000 words at: ~ ~ PS MICHAEL: I'm on your side. But that christian U.S. Army nurd in the above movie is sipping the milk out of his orange [WILCOX FARMS] bowl just like the [queer-as-orange] cat does who has no scrotum left and no cock. ~ ~ By the way, I completely agree with you about replacing the tired old men at the top of the Republican Party with the stronger young-blood guys in the so called tea party. ~ ~ ZOMBIE NOTES: I have been avoiding this one for some time now. Because I do not need any more distractions or hassles in my personal life than I already have. ~ ~ Fuck it. ~ ~ It goes without saying that my ex-girlfriend in SHAUN OF THE DEAD is obviously my next door neighbor named Tammy. ~ ~ MISS MONTANA NOTES: When that Hwy.410 Mt. Rainier icecream cake icon busts into flames in HANNA MONTANA: THE MOVIE, Obama stands up and freaks out because a rat was climbing up his pants leg. Even that same Jewish rat who got paid 400k for his insider Obamacare job; but then he couldn't keep his mouth shut and started to brag about it amongst his friends.

Monday, November 17, 2014


HANNA MONTANA: THE MOVIE comes to a climax in 2008 in my own backyard at KELLEY FARM in Bonnie Lake, Washington. Here's the local web site at: ~ ~ And you laughed your guts out about the idea that the family movie director Bruce Troxell was the same guy in SHAUN OF THE DEAD. ~ ~ Note the movie's staged finale that depicts a traditional northwest scene of king salmon returning home and spawning [siring] up a river per that horny leaping salmon boner monument to yours truly located along the Old Buckley Highway. ~ ~ According to her new song lyrics that say, "Find your way back home..."  ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ BACKYARD NOTES: See Miley's 'Backyard Sessions' and her Bob Dylan folk song cover on YOUTUBE before you decide if you want to give her a second chance, or what. ~ ~ Get this, the above DISNEY family movie was released on 4.10 in 09. ~ ~ ULEE'S GOLD NOTES: A strange man once told me that Australian gold mined by companies that are owned by American firms was a good bet. ~ ~ Since you can't trust the Chinese red capitalists based in Hong Kong anymore. ~ ~ Now that I think about it. Of all the dreams and visions that I have had about hot sexy Aussie babes,  the only one that was really romantic and sexy involved Miranda Kerr. ~ ~ DREAM DIARY NOTES: Last night I dreamed that by the time I met Smiley Sire Us she was already three months pregnant by some other suiter. For a Donnatela Greco dejew view thing, circa 1983. See: ~ ~ Down south, the legal age for fucking and sucking is somewhere north of 15.

Sunday, November 16, 2014


My birthday money copy of INSIDE LLEWTN DAVIS contains a behind-the-scenes documentary about making the low I buffer movie in the winter of 2012.  As confirmed by those new same-day pixs of Sienna Miller flying like a freed bird at: ~ ~ Guess we now know who is the gold standard in Jolly'O England, don't we. ~ ~ Ergo, the less expensive 1980s Black Hills Gold fad had an orangist tint to it because it was mixed with a hint of Montana mined copper. ~ ~ Hence, it was particularly popular with teenage girls who didn't have that much money. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ INSIDE NOTES: Today's X-Army soldier of sodom and Egypt got his throat cut because he looked like that 1961 folk singer in INSIDE LLEWYN DAVIS, seen at: ~ ~ Sienna is known for playing folksy hippie chick characters from the 1960s who wore their hearts on their sleeves. ~ ~ PS MILEY: Don't let them pull the virgin wool sweaters over your face. If they can't meet your multi six figure asking price, give them a pass. I got something up my sleeve for you and Justin Beiber anyway; costarring Orson Welles, David Lynch directing. ~ ~ Believe me you, I know how to put those asses in the seats at your local theater in Billings, Montana, etc. ~ ~ Most of those old senile Jew fucks in Hollywood have never even heard of you two;  much less Barack Obama's forged birth certificate. I'm only interested in making movies that make me money. ~ ~ PS MEL BROOKS: I need to borrow some money from you right now. About 100 big ones would hold me over until I get paid next time. And yes, you can read the so-called script first; whatever floats your boat. ~ ~ PS MICHAEL SAVAGE: Obviously, the Jewish Corn brothers were trying to goad you into letting me make a fuck film on your twin VOLVO in Marin County. But don't take the bait, if it doesn't quite smell right.

Saturday, November 15, 2014


Donald Young looked like your traditional Black Jesus figure for a reason.  And it was a miracle from God that Barry Obama came out of nowhere and became the President of the apostate United States; even though he was not even a US citizen. And everyone knew it, especially Bill and Hillary Clinton. ~ ~ Now flash forward to today, when yours truly is finally riding high in the [WHITE HORSE PROPHECY] saddle in THE LONE RANGER remake, circa 1961 meets 2012. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ INSIDER NOTES: That Crazy King Ralph figure riding in the back seat from the FRIDAY THE 13TH series, is holding onto the Davidian scepter of Judah in INSIDE LLEWYN DAVIS. ~ ~ MURDER SHE WROTE NOTES: Jesus has recently told his lost tribes prophets in D&C 133 that Obama now has murder on his mind; "I'm in a kill'n mood..." [WILD AT HEART] ~ ~ After seeing the fine job that those two Coen Jew boys did in the above 1960s folk music movie, I'm thinking that they should direct Mikey Cyrus in her Janis Joplin impersonator movie that takes place in VIVA LAS VEGAS meets LEAVING LAS VEGAS. ~ ~ Wake up all you old Jew fucks. Taylor Swift is the gold standard of the east coast. And Miley Cyrus is the gold standard of the west coast. ~ ~ Which begs the question; who is the gold standard of England, France, Canada, Italy, Germany, and Japan?.. Not to mention Australia. ~ ~ Or if I may paraphrase James Carville; "You would be amazed if you dragged a $1,000,000 dollar bill through a trailer park in Arkansas."